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Run Revolution’s First Two Weeks

Run Revolution’s First Two Weeks

Two weeks from yesterday, I run the Boston marathon. Speaking of two weeks…

Run Revolution had its two week birthday last Wednesday.

Run Revolution ( has been alive for two weeks now. In those two weeks, these are the visitors this newborn had:

Run Revolution's first two weeks graph

  • .76% bounce rate (percentage of people who left the site from the home page. The lower the percentage, the better. That is .76%. Less than 1%. That’s really, really good.)
  • 96 unique cities
  • 10 unique countries: USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Australia, China, Kenya (!!!), Japan, United Kingdom, and Netherlands

How did people find

Run Revolution's traffic source

I really don’t have anything to compare this traffic to since I have never had a website, and comparing it to this blog is not a comparison at all, but I am very proud of the action this newbie has seen in its first 2 weeks. It’s going to just keep growing, too!

Since the launch, I have regained a lot of creativity lost while focusing on the organization and editing of the entire site.

I will be posting new content every single day (except for an occasional weekend day), so check back daily (writing this is totally going to hold me accountable). Yes, this is keeping me busy, but what’s life if you’re not busy doing the things you love?

Please rememember to not only check out, but to also visit Run Revolution on Facebook and “like” its page. Run Revolution’s facebook page is a fun place to: stay up to date on upcoming races, view funny running pictures, share your own race pictures, be notified of new posts on, among other things.

Spread the Run Revolution love! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors. Run Revolution is not only about running. It’s about yoga, it’s inspirational, it’s amusing (hopefully), it’s educational, and most of all, it’s fun!


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Conception, Development, and Delivery of Run Revolution

After nearly three months of working on the private Run Revolution, it is finally up and “running” and ready for the world to see. I feel like I just delivered a baby.

In December, the idea for Run Revolution came to be. It started as, “You should start a running specific blog.” I said, “That’s a really good idea.” I then searched online to see what kinds of running blogs/sites were already started, and I quickly became overwhelmed, and discouraged. I could not compete with the big-timers. I am not an expert runner. I am not an expert writer. I am mediocre at both. The idea for a running blog did not vanish, however (obviously). I am passionate about both.

I’ve written about this before, and it still works for me: running is when I think, and think, and think, and think. So many new ideas are formed when I run. So, one day, in late December, “it” came to me. After deciding to name the site, “Run Revolution,” the story…the message…how Run Revolution was going to be different, came to fruition.

(A little back story).

Leading up to the idea of Run Revolution, I had been working on a book. For over a year, I had been writing a memoir…of one particular year of my life. A life-changing year. A year where good things finally started happening. This book had become a sort of therapy, and a way for me to really weed through this epic year. It was the “last chapter” of getting through an extremely difficult time in my life. But then, the writing all but stopped. I had documented the entire year, but that’s really all it was: documentation. I was struggling to find something to make this book come alive, and I could not find it!

(Back to before the back story)

So, on this run, I decided I would incorporate my book idea into Run Revolution. I would tell “My Story” of how I dug myself out of a bad place in life, by turning to yoga and running, and how I have been on an amazing journey to find what I’ve always wanted to find: happiness. I would use the concept of this (boring) book I was writing to help Run Revolution come to life! I would talk about the inspiration I found in hopes of inspiring others…and that is what the goal of my book was, too.

It all felt right. The name, my story, I was excited. I started creating content. I had so many ideas, and just couldn’t stop writing! I didn’t have enough time to write. I wrote pages, posts, and training schedules. I came up with what I was going to write, when I ran. It was a perfect combination.

Next came the minute details.

1. Logo design. Sounds simple enough. It was not. We employed a fantastic graphic designer, Joy Sarnowski, who gave so many good choices it was hard to choose! But, after over a month, and help from family and friends, I finally decided on:

Run Revolution logo

What do you think of when you see the logo?

2. Pictures. I needed pictures. Although I was a runner, and had run a few races, I really didn’t have any good running pictures of myself, so I hired Rick Parchen, an amazing photographer, to help take some great running shots. We couldn’t have asked for a better day! It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle with some incredible clouds. 🙂

3. Network. After I chose the logo, I decided it was time to share a bit with the world. I created a Facebook page and twitter account. I had never “tweeted” and was about to learn fast about the world of twitter. I starting setting Facebook page “like” goals, and surpassed each and every one of them: 100 likes, 150, 200 before launching. (I launched at 225 likes, and am currently at 228). It is exciting to see people I have no connection to, liking the page and interacting! Go like Run Revolution! 🙂

3. Not easy. There were hiccups…many hiccups. I created Run Revolution, and all its content (over 30 posts, nearly 40 pages, and lots and lots of pictures) on, which is free, easy to use, and great, but didn’t give a lot of options for widgets, and extras. I would need to host the site elsewhere. The transfer wasn’t as easy as anticipated. The majority of the content transferred over, but we had to start fresh with the theme and pictures, etc. It was time consuming.

4. Edit. Time to edit, edit, edit. I am a perfectionist, BUT I realized, with the help of some very smart people in my life: it would never be perfect, AND the launching was not a final project. I wanted to launch it before I left for Boston, and with enough time to spare so people could follow the last part of my training. It’s not like I was publishing a book. I would still have access to fix whatever needed to be fixed, and the launch was really only the beginning. So…

5. Launch! We picked a day to launch, Wednesday, March 14, a month and two days before Boston, after work and a 7 mile run. I was nervous, excited, anxious…so many emotions. As soon as I announced the birth of Run Revolution, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. I watched the analytics of the site, actually stared…mouth wide open, I am sure. I watched people read, “My Story.” I felt naked. Vulnerable. A little scared. I had totally put myself out there for the world to judge. Was I prepared for the feedback? Not only had I put “My Story” out there, but I had spent every single spare moment of my life for the past three months working on Run Revolution (if you remember, I am also training for the Boston Marathon, AND I work close to 50 hours/week…my spare time is negligible. Sleep has definitely suffered) and I was scared my hard work wouldn’t be received as well as I hoped.

Here I am, less than 24 hours after the launch, and I have only heard positive feedback. The uneasy feeling is gone. I am excited to watch Run Revolution grow. Since day one of this decision, I have had fun. I am doing what I love: writing, running, yoga, and everything in between.

It’s launched. It’s live. It’s running. It’s alive! Now, I can get back to doing what I love…writing new content for Run Revolution. Ahhhh….It’s only the beginning. Now it’s time to raise Run Revolution and watch it grow into something amazing. 🙂

**When I say, “we,” I am talking about me and my amazing partner-in-everything, Shawn. I couldn’t have done any of this without him, and I am forever grateful to him.**

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Back on the wagon…temporarily.

I got this email today. It’s been two years since I started practicing Bikram Yoga. I have come a LONG way in two years. 🙂

Dear Julie,
It’s your anniversary with Bikram Yoga Seattle! As our client you are very important to us and we greatly value your business. We truly hope that you have enjoyed your experiences at Bikram Yoga Seattle and will continue to in the future.

As always, if you have any suggestions, comments, or requests about future services, then please let us know.

Hope to see you soon!

The Bikram Yoga Seattle Team

They will see me soon. Tonight! It’s been over a week since I have been, and my body is (literally) aching to go. I got back late yesterday from a long weekend in Whistler skiing some of the best snow I have skied in a LONG time. It was amazing, but my body is tired and sore.

I start week 9 of Boston training this week, and I truly consider myself in the heart of training. Starting today, I am back on the wagon until after the race, April 16. 14 mile run this Sunday. Yup. Hard core training has begun. 🙂

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Creativity Hill

Tuesday night I ran hills. Again, not my favorite. My legs were extremely sore. Yoga Friday, for the first time in nearly three weeks. 11 mile run Saturday. Couch potato to the max Sunday, which allowed my legs to tighten up just perfectly. And an intense yoga class Monday made for a set of immensely sore legs Tuesday. They ached a LOT. And then, I had those damn hills to run.  But, it was warm, it wasn’t raining, and my interval runs are shorter than any regular run, which meant it would be over quickly. I could take it easy…as much as one can take it easy when running a 1/4 mile hill, back and forth, four times.

I decided to run the hill I used to run. I don’t venture to that old neighborhood very often, but that hill is great. Not only is it a good training hill, but it has a tendency to spark some intense creativity inside me. Last time I ran that hill, I came up with an excellent idea for a project (that has yet to be completed, but is a really good work in progress, nonetheless). I have maintained that creative streak since, although it ebbs and flows, and I was hoping to fill up the tank with another hill run. It didn’t fail me.

Running that hill Tuesday night was a success. Not only did it loosen up my tight legs, but I also came up with some new ideas. I couldn’t stop thinking! When I am feeling creative, I don’t mind thought overload, and I felt euphoric after my run, much like the way I felt last time I ran that same hill.

In three weeks, I run hills again, but this time I will be excited! I will head back to Creativity Hill and become an expert at running hills, but more importantly, fill up my creative tank, which is what really makes me happy. 🙂

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There’s no high like a runner’s high

Hello. I have been fighting a sickness something fierce this week, but, I have managed to get all my training runs in. Sunday…Christmas Day…a 10 mile run, and that will finish week 4. Already. Wow.

Since I have been feeling off this week, I have not wanted to, nor felt like, running fast or pushing myself, so when I saw this today, it made me smile:

I run for myself and because it makes me feel good. When I am in the funkiest of funks, and all I feel like doing is hiding from the world, curling up on the couch, and feeling sorry for myself, I KNOW a run will save me. Before I can talk myself out of it, I remember all the times I have felt horrible, and how much better a run made me feel. It works every time…it’s my antidepressant. Fresh air + running body + a good sweat = runner’s high. And after that run, all I want to do is rest my tired limbs on the couch and relish my runner’s high. Now, if I could just get myself to yoga more…

Happy Holidays and Happy Winter. We are officially on the upswing to summer. The days get longer starting today!

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Ho, Ho, Ho

Christmas is right around the corner. This weekend, we put up lights, and got a tree. I had a very blonde moment while parking in the garage with the tree on the roof of my car. I forgot it was there, and didn’t pay attention to the lowered ceiling directly over me. We almost lost it, but we didn’t, thankfully. PHEW! Decorating the tree with S, while listening to Christmas music was comforting and relaxing. I didn’t get in the spirit last year, and it feels good to be a part of it this year. 🙂

Skiing! We went skiing Saturday! I jumped on the chance to go before I get in the heart of training. My legs can only take so much! It felt so great to be up on a mountain. 🙂

I finished Week one of training with an amazing 6 mile run on Sunday…really the only day I stuck to my schedule. My body needed a break, and I went to yoga THREE times last week! It felt awesome (and I went again last night…one day, hopefully, I will have enough time so I can go more often. It makes me feel sooooooooooooo good.)

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CR Adventure, Day 3

We slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, and then headed down to the beach for a S and J day. 🙂 The beach was still covered in debris and the ocean was still a shade of brown, but it looked better than it did the previous day, AND the sun was shining!!

We walked down the beach soaking in the warm sun, and enjoying the sand beneath our feet. We explored, climbed rocks, took pictures (all the pictures taken today were taking on S’s Go Pro cam), enjoyed each others company, and eventually went swimming! The surf was a bit rough, but the water felt amazing! We meandered down the beach a bit further until we spotted some hammocks on the beach and some people relaxing in chairs. We were curious, so we walked up to check it out. It was a yoga resort! We walked through the grounds, past a pool, until we came to their center bar and ordered…mimosas. 🙂 Ordering a mimosa was not a simple task with the language barrier. What we got was an entire bottle of champagne and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, squeezed right before our eyes. Absolutely delicious. (Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the resort. 😦 ) A bottle of champagne later, we were ready to get back on the beach and in the sun.

We walked along the beach some more stopping so I could (attempt to) walk on my hands. We then walked off the beach and up to the road, seeing a part of town we hadn’t seen yet. We walked by a cool place that served smoothies and sat at a low table. I ordered banana/berry and S ordered papaya. Mine was yummier, we both agreed. It was delicious! As we were sipping our smoothies, I noticed a child, probably not more than 2 years old, naked in the side yard of the cafe. Seeing her naked didn’t faze me one bit until I noticed her squat down, and poop. She then stood up, walked a little further, and pooped some more. She did this for several more minutes as S and I stared, jaws wide open. Her mother was standing a good distance from her, holding her daughter’s underwear, smoking, and deep in conversation with someone. When her daughter was finished doing her thing, she walked over to her mom, and her mom proceeded to wipe her…in the cafe. It was quite a sight! Only in Costa Rica, I guess. You just let your kids out in the yard to go poop.

We walked back to the hotel, lounged by the pool, had some nachos, and went into town to grab lunch. We ventured into Da Mon Key, and had the most amazing food! I had a salad filled with delicious fresh veggies and S had tacos. The bartender was from So Cal. Highly recommend the food here:

We had dinner at Pasta Basta: The place itself was very hip, and the food was absolutely AMAZING!! I ordered the Amberjack, a fish local to Costa Rica, and it was SOOOOOOOO good! It reminds me of swordfish…thick and steak-like. I basically licked my plate clean. I did manage to share a bit with our dinner guest, Reef. Dogs are not kept on leashes, nor in yards (neither are children, apparently) in Costa Rica. All dogs are just wandering the streets…and the restaurants. Reef was so sweet, that we just had to share our meal with her. 🙂 Dessert was scrumptious as well.

After dinner, we headed out, in the rain, and back to Da Mon Key, which we quickly took over. It was dead in there, but we quickly livened the place up! They had no music, but we changed that. We bet someone in our group he couldn’t make it back the hotel, grab the boom box, and bring it back in less than 5 minutes. It was pouring, too! Well, he made it, way under time, actually, and the party was started. There was dancing on the bar, there were some champagne showers, some beer showers…there was a lot of fun being had.

Our night ended after 1AM.

*This was one of my favorite days…it’s actually tied with another day*


Not Costa Rica related, BUT I went back to the Seattle Marathon website today to look at the pictures that are now up (I look in pain in every single one), and my chip time…the time I actually ran the race in, is…1:39.59! SO, I actually broke BOTH goals: place in top 10, AND break 1:40.00! I am one happy little runner who is looking ahead to (hopefully) win the Jingle Bell Run next weekend…

What were your 2011 goals, and did you meet/break them?


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