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Knitting is the new yoga (sort of)

I took up a new hobby today: knitting. Yes, knitting. 🙂 Baby H’s mom knits, and she has made some really cool stuff. I asked her if she would teach me, and she did today. I took to it immediately. It seemed very confusing and overwhelming at first, but I got the hang of it right away, thank goodness. I am knitting a scarf. Next, I want to knit some throw blankets for my house. So, baby H sleeps, and I knit. He was sleeping in my lap today, and I knitted. I love my job.

Knitting is very therapeutic. It calms my mind. All I think about when I am knitting is…knitting. It produces similar magic as yoga. It gets my mind off crap.

Today was a LONG day. I worked (and knitted) 10 hours, then walked Pablo, then ran 4 miles. I got home from my run at 9PM, and the sky was still bright-ish. Yes. Come on summer, GET HERE!

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Posted by on May 6, 2010 in Children, Knitting, Pablo, Running