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Run Revolution

Run Revolution

So, I guess I have been pretty secretive about my new endeavor. Some even thought this new “thing” might be a baby in my belly. Nope. Although, I do consider it “my baby.” It has definitely consumed me, in a positive way, and I am excited to share it with everyone!

“It” is a new blog. It is running specific, and it is named, “Run Revolution.” It is about running, and it is about what has worked for me, and continues to work for me, from training to self care to races to gear. I have a story to tell, I love to write, and I love everything about running. So, I thought, why not share all of this useful information with the world! My baby was born. 🙂

It is OH so close to launching…just a few more organizational tweaks are needed. I was waiting to select a logo before I shared any details with the public, and I just recently did that. Boy, that wasn’t easy. There were so many great choices, it was difficult to narrow it down to one. I am grateful to have friends and family with good eyes for logo selection. I really couldn’t have done it alone!

So, now that I have a logo, I decided to publicize Run Revolution’s Facebook and Twitter accounts in anticipation of a nearing launch. It’s a great way to get to know me, a bit about Run Revolution, and be the first to know when goes live!

Please find Run Revolution on Facebook, and “like” the page, please! And follow Run Revolution on twitter @runrevolution.

Be a part of Run Revolution! It’s informative, inspirational, interactive, and fun! Whether you’re a runner, a wanna be runner, or a newbie runner, Run Revolution will change the world you run in!


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Lululemon, I Love You

Lululemon, I Love You

In honor of “Love” Day, I would like to talk about something that I love very much. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Especially to MY Valentine.

Ah, Lululemon. If you haven’t experienced the amazingness that IS Lululemon, you are missing out, in my opinion.

Lululemon may seem intimidating to most: it is expensive. But, after purchasing/receiving/and unfortunately, losing a piece (sorry, sister), I am here to tell you it is well worth the cost.


I would purchase my running/yoga attire as cheap as possible. I sweat every day, so I need a large drawer full of workout attire. Keeping that drawer filled can get pricey: running tights, running capris, running skirts, sports bras, running socks, running shirts, yoga shorts, etc.

I had heard of Lululemon, and I had seen their clothes, and yes, I liked them, but I also saw how expensive they were, and that kept me away.

Until…I received, as a birthday gift, my first Lululemon. My very own Lululemon hoodie. Instant love. Seriously. The quality of that hoodie was unparalleled. I wore it nearly every day, and washed it, and dried it quite regularly. Never did the color fade, or did the stitching give out. It was a great piece of clothing.(I use past tense because I lost this hoodie…somewhere).

And then, the following birthday, I received a couple more pieces of Lululemon. They were great, but the wrong sizes. And so, I ventured into the Lululemon store for the first time. I had purposefully avoided going into the store for fear of wanting everything. That fear became a reality. Racks upon racks of beautiful clothes: running skirts, running capris, running shirts, sports bras, headbands, socks. All in exquisitely bright colors. I had to touch them. The fabrics were as soft as a baby’s bottom. Pure heaven. And then I looked at the price tags, and my heart sank. Ugh. I just couldn’t afford those prices.

I exchanged my birthday gifts, and got out of the store…fast, leaving a pool of drool on the store’s floor.

In the following months, I realized something, however. Lululemon is pricey, yes, but totally worth it, and actually more economical in the long run.

My “cheap” running and yoga gear is great, yes, but wears out pretty fast: the bras stretch out, the skirts get holes in them, the capris pill, the shirts shrink. I need to replace them quite often.

Lululemon, however, is made from the highest quality fabrics, is pre-shrunk, does not stretch or fade, and feels like heaven against your skin. Lululemon’s clothing is made to last 5 years. If each Lululemon piece of clothing I own lasts me five years, it is a MUCH better deal than having to replace EVERY piece of workout attire I own every year.

I am 100% sold on Lululemon. Yes, it is expensive enough that I can’t go in and buy several pieces at once. But, I can stagger my purchases, and look forward to keeping them with me for the next five years. And the reusable Lululemon bags they give you with your purchase? That’s an entirely different post. 🙂



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Dear Blog Letter


I know you’re feeling neglected. It’s not because I don’t care. I think about you every day, in fact. But, the rumors are true: there’s someone else. It’s new and it’s exciting, and I am passionate about it. It has pretty much consumed me, much like you consumed me when I first created you. I think about it all day long, and spend as much time as I can with it. We are growing together, and it is bringing out the best in me. It completes me. I haven’t introduced it to anyone yet, but we are getting to know each other better and better every day. It’s almost time for it to meet my friends and family.

Please don’t be hurt. You didn’t do anything wrong. This new thing is not a replacement, per se. I will still pay attention to you, but I just don’t have as much time to give you right now. I am sorry to say, but you’re a little…boring. I know, I know, I made you, but lately we’ve been all over the place with no real direction. You have been so good to me and been there for me when I needed you the most, but my life is different now, and I need a change.

It’s not you, it’s me.

See you around,


**Yes, it’s true. Something exciting is just around the corner. It’s getting closer…**

**Don’t worry, I am not permanently dumping I just needed to let you guys know I (temporarily, hopefully) won’t be posting as often in here.**

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