Day 8 in Rich Coast

09 Dec

Up early to wet weather. S was going to ride a horse to La Fortuna (sounds pretty cool, right?), but opted out of it because of the weather. (a couple in our group went and said it was amazing…sorry, S). So, we jeep-boat-jeep. It was actually a van, but the ride wasn’t as long as the previous car-sick van, and it was light out, and it was a larger vehicle, so luckily no one got sick this time. When we got to the boat portion, it was POURING! We all wondered what kind of boat we would be going on?

The body of water we were crossing was Lake Arenal. Unfortunately, it was gray and wet so we couldn’t see much, definitely not the volcano. 😦

We got on the boat when it arrived, which, thankfully was not a row boat (I guessed it was), and made the trek across the lake. When we were in the middle of the lake, the driver stopped to fill the gas tank…from a gas can…and siphoned, with his mouth, a tube that was in the can. Wow.

We got across the lake and to another jeep (van) that would take us the rest of the way to La Fortuna. It was still raining pretty hard. It looked like my run that day would be very, very wet. At least it was warm!

We checked into Hotel San Bosco in the afternoon, and then ventured out to get some food. We hadn’t eaten much yet, been traveling most of the day, and I still needed to run 5 miles.

At lunch, S and I had a conversation that would open my eyes wide, and made me very introspective again. I am in a point of my life where I just want to continue to make the right choices and to be a better person. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in myself and doing good for ME that I lose sight of everything else that is going on around me or how I react to things. I am learning more about myself everyday, and it is because of the amazing people in my life that this is happening.

So, on day 8 in Costa Rica, I absorbed all the insight S shed on me, and then went for a run, and I thought, and I thought, and I thought. I thought about the previous 7 days in Costa Rica. I thought about the race in four days. I thought about how tired I was. I thought about how sore I was. I thought about how lucky I was to have the opportunity to see this amazing part of the world. I thought about how SO FAR from perfect I am. I thought about how much the past shapes who we are, but how we can make a NEW present and a NEW future that is a better version of our PAST. So this thinking, although a little painful at times would make the last few days in Costa Rica some of the best days of my LIFE! My thinking changed, my attitude changed, and my energy changed. I had ONE more full day left in this beautiful land, and I decided I was going to make it the best time I had ever had.

After my run, I showered and shared some downtime with S. We then got ready to head to what I had been looking forward to the entire trip…HOT SPRINGS!!!! Ooh, boy, so exciting. There were hot springs at pretty much every resort. They charged a fee if you weren’t staying there, but we heard they were totally worth it. Some of them were ritzier and costlier than others. With a little bit of research, we decided to go to The Springs. $40 got us a two day pass to the hot springs. We made it there in time for dinner (worst service EVER), and were blown away by how beautiful the resort was. WOW! It has one of the best views in the world (of resorts) and we hoped to check it out when we went the next day in the daylight.

There are 18 different pools ranging in temperatures from 83′ to 103′, some with waterfalls. It was so incredible. We opted to go in one of the hottest ones first and then we found…the SLIDE! We acted like kids as we played and slid down the slide over, and over, and over. Until it was time to go. 😦 We were all exhausted and crashed when we got back to our hotel.

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