Day six in Costa Rica

06 Dec

Waking up this morning was a little painful again after the wedding celebration the previous night, and we had to pack. After four fun-filled and interesting nights in Mal Pais, it was time to venture on. We awoke to a gray, wet day, which was okay since it was going to be a long travel day to our next destination: Monteverde.

The wedding was over, and our group of about 30, had decreased to less than 20. Some went home and some went to other parts of Costa Rica to explore on their own. We stayed with the bride and groom. We piled into a van, which would be the cause of many upset stomachs later on, and drove the couple of hours to catch the ferry. We made a stop more than halfway to let the people with upset stomachs off to get some fresh air/throw up. It wasn’t the best mode of transportation for anyone who got carsick, unfortunately. Luckily and surprisingly, I was fine!

We made it to the ferry, and it felt familiar: ferry, water, gray skies, rain…BUT, it was warm, there were palm trees on the beaches! The ferry ride was about an hour, and then we got back in the van for about another two hours to our destination: Monteverde, 1400 meters above sea level. We stopped for dinner on the way, and watched a beautiful sunset. When we piled back in the van, it was dark, and the road started to get very bumpy as we made our climb up, up up!

We got to Los Pinos, and settled into our cabin. It was definitely much cooler up in the mountains. We were all exhausted from a long day of travel and went to bed early.

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