CR, Day Five

05 Dec

WEDDING DAY!!! Wake up call at 5:45AM for run wasn’t too bad since we went to bed early. 🙂 S, and our new friend, A, came and ran part of my 8 miles with me…it was nice having company. 🙂

My plan was run 4 miles out and back. I was hoping I had 4 miles of road to run! I did…and it was a very interesting 4 mile stretch. I encountered GIANT road-width puddles, mud, pot holes, rocks, more puddles and mud, and beautiful scenery. I avoided all mud/puddles very well on the way there, the way back, however, was a different story. I misjudged where to step and I sunk in the mud up to my ankles. Luckily, I only had a mile left to run in my squishy shoes. Other than the mud, I had a very nice run. Slow, to avoid all the obstacles, but it was nice. It felt good to be moving that early in the morning, and for over a mile, the road was directly parallel to the beach, so I had the ocean as my view; it was lovely. 🙂

I got back to the hotel, and everyone was already dressed in their white (the bride and groom requested everyone to wear white for the ceremony). Since I was covered in mud, I opted to shower everything, shoes, clothes and all, at the outdoor pool shower. I rinsed off all the mud and sweat and went to don my white clothes.

We waited for the bus to pick us up to take us to Montezuma where we would all zip line down to the waterfall where the bride and groom would marry. It was all very exciting!

We did 5 zip lines (I think? someone correct me if I am wrong) down to the waterfall, in our white outfits.

We then set ourselves up around the waterfall and waited for the bride to change into her dress and make her entrance. 🙂 The ceremony was sweet and beautiful. The weather cooperated beautifully for us.

After the ceremony, we all walked to the larger waterfall below and cliff jumped! We played, jumped, swung on the rope swing, and then the new Mr. and Mrs. made their grand entrance: they jumped in the water in their wedding attire! The bride even went on the rope swing in her wedding dress! It was awesome! We all played a while longer, before heading back…4 ziplines back to where we started. S and I went tandem, which made us go REALLY fast and made our butts scrape the tree tops. It was so cool being above the trees in the jungle. 🙂

We all boarded the bus and went back to Brisas del Mar for the reception late lunch/early dinner. Again, we were blown away with the amazing views and food.

After dinner, we went back to da Mon Key to take over the bar again. The owner loved us! She gave each of us girls t-shirts. We danced on the bar, danced with the dogs, and celebrated the bride and groom. It was fun. 🙂

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