CR, day cuatro

02 Dec

Ouch. Getting up this morning after the fun festivities the night before hurt a bit. Getting out of bed was a bit painful, BUT we were on vacation so it really wasn’t TOO horrible. 🙂 Eating breakfast made me feel a bit better, but what REALLY made me feel better was the 3 mile run I headed out for after breakfast. It was hot, and it was humid, and I sweat every bit of toxic from the previous night out of my pores. The run was great. It was cool to run down and see a part of Costa Rica I hadn’t been able to see yet. After my shower, I felt like a new woman! Seriously, I felt like 10 million colones. 🙂

We headed down to the beach, where half of the group was. The other half was out on the five ATV’s we rented. When we walked down to the beach to meet up with everyone, I felt like I was in SoCal. They had set up a volleyball net, and were deep into a game of Vball. Some of us relaxed on the beach, some of us played volleyball, and some of us went surfing/boogy boarding. It was a fun day at the beach. When the group with ATV’s came back, those of us who wanted a turn ventured out on our adventure.

S and I hopped on our ATV, which immediately gave us some trouble: idling VERY high. We finally got going and caught up to our group. We were on a hunt to go see monkeys!! As we turned the corner, we found our group…er, part of it. One ATV had miscalculated a turn and ended up on its side in a ditch (a lot of ditch falling on this trip so far). Both driver and passenger were okay, but passenger (female) was not going to let driver (male) drive anymore, and she took control. 🙂

And, we’re all off…in a long line, down the road, through mud, over puddles, up STEEP hills, through small rivers. WHEEEEE! It was my first time on an ATV, and I was having fun! We drove some more and came to another river, and well…our ATV didn’t like it very much. We got to the other side, and the engine was steaming…a LOT. And then, it died, and didn’t want to restart. Everyone else had taken off, and we were stuck. We let the ATV rest for a bit, and then tried to restart…success! And we were off again, alone, but still having fun! And then, we came to another river, and the ATV died IN the river. We had to get off and push it across. Our ATV was sick, sick, sick. We then decided to turn around. We pushed it across the river, let it rest, peed in the bushes (I did), found a banana tree, picked a banana and peeled it (NOT ripe), let the ATV rest some more, looked around and talked about how cool it was we were IN THE JUNGLE, and waited. Not once was I mad, sad, or upset our ATV was broken. I thoroughly enjoyed the company, and we were on vacation! I felt great. Our group then met up with us, and by that time, our ATV started back up and we ventured back to the beach. I even drove at one point! It was awesome! What wasn’t so awesome was looking up and seeing a monkey…dead on the power line. It had fried. 😦

For our welcome dinner, we went to Brisas del Mar.

I don’t think most of us were anticipating the loveliness we encountered. The restaurant was situated HIGH above everything with a panoramic view of the sea and beyond. It was absolutely breathtaking. We drank passion fruit bellinis, and ate some incredibly delicious food. For appetizers, we were served chips with homemade hummus, baba ganoush, and a cabbage slaw. For our main course, I had ginger seared tuna (YUMMMMMMM) and S had seabass with almond butter. They both were fantastic! And for dessert, warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Oh, boy. Good thing I was running 8 miles in the morning. The whole experience was truly amazing, and it was a fun evening.

We all made it an early night since TOMORROW was wedding day!! And, I had an 8 mile run before the van picked us up at 8AM. Hello, 5:45Am wake up call. 🙂


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