Settling back in Seattle

12 Oct

I am settling back in after being down in sunny SoCal for five days. We had amazing weather. Absolutely beautiful: sunny, cloudless, warm days. Ahhhhh…

The vacation went by way too fast, and I already miss the beach, but, as always, it also feels good to be back to my routine: work, run, sleep. Fun. 😉

I started week six of training yesterday, and jumped right in with 3 X 1 mile sprints. Oooooh, sprints, my favorite. (nope, not at all…I despise them). We had very funky (typical fall Seattle) weather yesterday, so I ran my sprints on the treadmill:

Mile 1: 7:00 Felt pretty good. Already dripping with sweat.

Mile 2: 6:48 Felt okay. Not quite as strong as the first mile, but still felt pretty good. Even sweatier.

Mile 3: I started at 6:40, and ran .50 mile at that pace, but then started shutting down and had to bump it back up to 7:00 in order to finish. Was really, really sweaty. I looked like I had jumped in the lake.

Feet felt okay. Tightness in quads.

Beautiful day today, so Baby H (I guess he’s not a baby anymore, so Toddler H) and I ran 4 miles on the Burke Gilman trail. When I push the jogger, my pace is about 30 seconds slower. It felt good to have a slow pace today because my quads are sore from sprints yesterday.

I run 28 miles this week. Time for a new pair of shoes…

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Posted by on October 12, 2011 in Children, Happiness, Running, Travel


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