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Three amazing months. :)


Today is a very special day.

1. It’s Halloween…my FAVORITE holiday

But, more importantly

2. Today is mine and S’s three-month anniversary. 🙂

Three months ago, today, we had our first date, and since then life has been incredible. It has only been three months, yet I feel I have known him forever. He is the coolest person I have ever met.  I am so lucky to have him in my life, and I am so excited for the next 3 months…and on! 🙂

We went out Saturday night for Halloween. S dressed up as Slash from Guns and Roses, and I, as Lady Gaga. We had SO much fun!! I love dressing up and cannot wait to do it again.

We also went to the Hawks game Sunday. The horrible, boring, sad game. 😦 BUT, the company was perfect, and the weather even cooperated for us. 🙂

I ran a total of 15 miles this weekend. I flip-flopped my runs, and ran 10 miles Saturday, and 5 Sunday. I am going to try really hard to not do that again. It was painful to run 5 miles after running 10 the previous day. My legs are really, really sore. 😦

4 weeks to go until the half marathon! And, 2 1/2 weeks until vacation time in Costa Rica…

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And today starts a new, non-weird, week. :)

It’s a new week, thank goodness!! Last week was…weird. I felt completely unbalanced all week, and it was Friday before I finally figured out why! I was getting sick. I was working extremely hard to fight it off, but lack of sleep and a busy schedule made it difficult to completely fight it off, unfortunately. I woke up Friday with a weird scratchy feeling in my throat and a foggy head. I pride myself on my strong immune system and ability to fight off most sicknesses, and I hate to ever admit I am sick, but this time I lost the fight.

Why was my week weird, you ask? It started with my being irritable…with everyone and everything, exhausted, and VERY emotional. I cried more times this week than I have in the past six months! And my tears were over ridiculous things: inability to collapse Baby H’s stroller to put in my car, iPhone update gone awry, trying to make a decision over whether to hike/camp in rain. Oh, and I didn’t cry over this, but Thursday morning, I got a call from my neighbor. She was driving by my house and noticed my front door was wide open! Apparently I forgot to close my door when I left my house…the previous night! Luckily, my cats were safe inside. Wow. So, if you were on the receiving end of my moodiness this week, I apologize and promise it is not a normal occurrence. 🙂

So, my irritability, exhaustion, and scatter brain were all because I was getting sick. We were supposed to go on an intense overnight backpacking trip Saturday night, and the weather didn’t look that great. I decided to do something I am not very used to doing: listen to my body telling me to REST, and cancel on plans I had made with several people. I just didn’t want to push myself. I only have 5 weeks left of training for the half marathon, and I just really don’t want to get more sick. So, as bad as I felt for cancelling (S was so excited, which made me sad for cancelling), I just had to. My body was screaming at me to rest. And rest, I did.

After working a 15 hour day Friday, I fell asleep at 1AM, and finally woke up and got out of bed…Saturday at 7PM!! I woke up a few times in between to pee, talk to S, etc, but quickly fell back to sleep. I slept for 18 hours, and really probably could have slept through the night! Obviously I needed that sleep, and I was SO glad I wasn’t up camping in the freezing cold and wet. So, I got up at 7, showered, and went to eat. We then came home, relaxed for a bit, and went back to sleep! I fell right to sleep, too. (I skipped my 3 mile run…sleep was more important). Note to self, and those close to me, sleep fixes me. And probably you, too! 🙂

Sunday, I woke up after about 8 1/2 hours sleep. I felt pretty good. Not 100%, but MUCH better. After watching the dumbest Seahawks game ever, S and I went out for a run. I was feeling achy and weak, but wanted to try to run. I was slow, sluggish, and weak during my run, and didn’t want to push myself, so I just ran slow, but I finished! I was definitely still not 100%, and the run took every last bit of my energy, but after sleeping Saturday completely away, it felt good to be outside.

The last part of our Sunday was spent at the pumpkin patch! We got some pumpkins! 🙂

I start week 8 of training this week. 10 mile run Sunday. New shoes came today…so excited to run in them!!

Yoga tonight. Time to get centered again.

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1/2 way done

I am half way done with training for the half marathon. I had an AWESOME 9 mile run yesterday. I felt really, really good, which was refreshing after my not-so-fun 7 mile run last weekend in Cali. Ugh. I felt like I had a completely different body yesterday, and it was great. The weather was perfect also. Perfect temp, slightly cloudy so no blaring sun in my eyes, and no wind. It was nice.

Yoga Friday was amazing. Hot, challenging, sweaty, and it felt so good. I go again tonight!

We leave for Costa Rica in a month from yesterday!! We looked at pictures last night of some of the Costa Rica beaches, and started to get very excited. In a month we will be so ready to get out of damp, cold Seattle. BUT, right now we are having unseasonably warm, sunny days! It is absolutely beautiful today, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be close to 70! I’ll take it!

This coming weekend we have (weather permitting) plans to go on an overnight backpacking trip. It is still warm enough to squeeze a camping trip in before the end of the season. Hopefully it doesn’t rain!!


Settling back in Seattle

I am settling back in after being down in sunny SoCal for five days. We had amazing weather. Absolutely beautiful: sunny, cloudless, warm days. Ahhhhh…

The vacation went by way too fast, and I already miss the beach, but, as always, it also feels good to be back to my routine: work, run, sleep. Fun. 😉

I started week six of training yesterday, and jumped right in with 3 X 1 mile sprints. Oooooh, sprints, my favorite. (nope, not at all…I despise them). We had very funky (typical fall Seattle) weather yesterday, so I ran my sprints on the treadmill:

Mile 1: 7:00 Felt pretty good. Already dripping with sweat.

Mile 2: 6:48 Felt okay. Not quite as strong as the first mile, but still felt pretty good. Even sweatier.

Mile 3: I started at 6:40, and ran .50 mile at that pace, but then started shutting down and had to bump it back up to 7:00 in order to finish. Was really, really sweaty. I looked like I had jumped in the lake.

Feet felt okay. Tightness in quads.

Beautiful day today, so Baby H (I guess he’s not a baby anymore, so Toddler H) and I ran 4 miles on the Burke Gilman trail. When I push the jogger, my pace is about 30 seconds slower. It felt good to have a slow pace today because my quads are sore from sprints yesterday.

I run 28 miles this week. Time for a new pair of shoes…

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And there went summer…

And…there went summer. It was short-lived, and left very quickly. I finished week 4 of training with an 8 mile run on Sunday. The day was actually pretty nice, and when I left for my run the sun was out, and it was warm. That changed about 3 miles in. It started with a sprinkle, and quickly turned into a torrential downpour. Small lakes emerged everywhere, making it nearly impossible for my feet to find a dry spot to step. More than a couple of times my feet were completely submerged in giant puddles. I didn’t have a hat to keep the rain off my face, and the temperature dropped quickly and the wind picked up. My arms were bare, and I started to get cold. Only 4 more miles. Ugh. It reminded me of my last long training run (20 miles) before the marathon in June. I wasn’t very happy. The weather was so bad that a stranger pulled over and asked me if I wanted a ride. That had never happened. I declined the offer, for more than one reason, and pushed through the rest of the run. I finished pretty strong…and sopping wet. I quickly changed and went and sat in the hot tub. AHHHHHHHH…

Yoga Monday night felt amazing. I was feeling a tad bit under the weather (nothing major, but just not feeling 100%), and it felt good to be in a warm room sweating out all the bad stuff.

I look ahead to Thursday: vacation down to Southern Cali with S. We are looking forward to getting away together and relaxing at the beach. 🙂

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