More yoga, please

12 Sep

Ahhhh…yoga. I have not been going very often lately. It’s summer, and it’s difficult to spend 90 minutes in a hot room when it’s beautiful and hot outside. But, I need yoga. My body, and mind, have been reminding me how much I need yoga. And yes, every time I go after not going for a while, I am reminded why I love it so.

I went to yoga tonight, and it was absolutely amazing. I felt great, and my body was thanking me the entire class. I emitted some soft moans several times: wind removing pose (my hips/hip flexors are SORE), eagle pose (my traps are VERY tight), and rabbit pose (again, traps). Wow. I have so much more range of motion now. And, it just felt really, really good to sweat.

Now that I am in my second week of training, I MUST force myself to go to yoga weekly. Twice/week is ideal, but once/week is the minimum.

I had a chance to run with both my dad and little sis over the weekend. It was pretty cool. My sis is training for her first half marathon. She is in week 3, and we had the same training runs this weekend. It feels good to be able to teach her some of my tricks, which were handed down from my dad. He has taught me everything I know about running, and it has all worked very well for me. All three of us ran a VERY hilly 6 (+) mile run Sunday. It was a true training run, and my sis did great. I know it was a more challenging run than she’s used to, but she maintained a respectable pace, and finished strong. I am very proud of her, and excited for her to run her first half marathon in November! Also, I haven’t had many opportunities lately to run with my dad, so it was very nice to run with him, too. I look forward to more runs with both of them.

And for me, well…tomorrow starts week 2 of my 13 week training program, which rolls right into my 20 week training program for Boston. There will be no rest. Friday, I register for Boston. Crossing my fingers (and toes) I get in.

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Posted by on September 12, 2011 in Happiness, Running, Yoga


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