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1/4 done with training already

I went to yoga twice last week. It’s been a while since I have made it twice in a week. It felt amazing. My hips are soooooooo tight, and I haven’t even gotten into the heart of my training yet! I see chiropractor appts and massage appts on the horizon. And…maybe a podiatrist, too, unfortunately. 😦 I tweaked something in my foot just walking Friday. It hurts. It hasn’t kept me from running…yet, but I do feel it the first mile or so of my run, and I am cautious…I don’t want to step on it wrong. Damn feet.

This past weekend I had an easy 3 mile run Saturday and a fabulous 6 mile run down at the beach Sunday morning. It was beautiful, and perfect weather. It felt great to get up early and go for a run before partaking in the Seahawks festivities. The game was great, and the weather cooperated for the most part. 🙂

I start week 4 of training tomorrow. Already 1/4 done…wow. Yoga tonight.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Boston bound!

I am in! I am officially entered in the 2012 Boston Marathon. Wow. I never really had a doubt I would get in, but I didn’t want to get excited or count on it before I got the official email confirmation, which I received this morning. Ahhh…Now comes the planning! When to go, who is going, where to stay…

I finished week 2 of training yesterday with a 7 mile run. It felt AWESOME! I was eager to get outside and run/sweat. A long weekend of football/my birthday celebration/good friends/lots of fun necessitated a good sweat, and I got it. It was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while. I ran a 7:58 mile (it was quite windy), and my fastest pace was 6:33 (Thanks, Garmin, for this useful information).

Life is so peaceful right now; it’s wonderful. I have the most amazing friends, family, and boyfriend, and I am enjoying my world so much. I am feeling balanced, which is an incredible feeling, and I am excited for the future. 🙂 


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And now, I wait…

Boston Athletic Association

Dear Julie:

Please make note of your Submission ID #: 2013***.

Thank you for submitting an entry to the 116th B.A.A. Boston Marathon. It is important to note that your Submission ID does NOT constitute entry into the race, but confirms that your entry has been received by the B.A.A.

Payment and Verification
Your credit card has been authorized for payment in the amount of US $150.00. You may notice a pre-authorization draft on your credit card statement. This authorization will be removed in approximately three business days. The actual charge will not appear on your credit card until your entry has been verified and accepted.

Confirmation of Acceptance and Entry List Posting
You will be notified of your acceptance by email and first class mail. Your notification of acceptance will be sent as soon as we verify your official results from your qualifying marathon. When you are accepted, your name will be posted on the Boston Marathon Entrants page.

Please contact the B.A.A. registration office at 508-435-6905  (or send an email to with any questions regarding your entry.

Boston Athletic Association

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More yoga, please

Ahhhh…yoga. I have not been going very often lately. It’s summer, and it’s difficult to spend 90 minutes in a hot room when it’s beautiful and hot outside. But, I need yoga. My body, and mind, have been reminding me how much I need yoga. And yes, every time I go after not going for a while, I am reminded why I love it so.

I went to yoga tonight, and it was absolutely amazing. I felt great, and my body was thanking me the entire class. I emitted some soft moans several times: wind removing pose (my hips/hip flexors are SORE), eagle pose (my traps are VERY tight), and rabbit pose (again, traps). Wow. I have so much more range of motion now. And, it just felt really, really good to sweat.

Now that I am in my second week of training, I MUST force myself to go to yoga weekly. Twice/week is ideal, but once/week is the minimum.

I had a chance to run with both my dad and little sis over the weekend. It was pretty cool. My sis is training for her first half marathon. She is in week 3, and we had the same training runs this weekend. It feels good to be able to teach her some of my tricks, which were handed down from my dad. He has taught me everything I know about running, and it has all worked very well for me. All three of us ran a VERY hilly 6 (+) mile run Sunday. It was a true training run, and my sis did great. I know it was a more challenging run than she’s used to, but she maintained a respectable pace, and finished strong. I am very proud of her, and excited for her to run her first half marathon in November! Also, I haven’t had many opportunities lately to run with my dad, so it was very nice to run with him, too. I look forward to more runs with both of them.

And for me, well…tomorrow starts week 2 of my 13 week training program, which rolls right into my 20 week training program for Boston. There will be no rest. Friday, I register for Boston. Crossing my fingers (and toes) I get in.

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Poulsbo run with Dad and Annie

Untitled by julieg333 at Garmin Connect – Details.

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Coolest Birthday weekend…ever

And…I am officially another year older. And, it was probably the coolest birthday ever.

S and I went to Boise for my birthday weekend, which also was Labor Day weekend, which also was the start of college football. S went to Boise state, played football for Boise State, and still had a lot of friends in Boise, so we decided to spend the weekend there. It was amazing in every way. It’s crazy to think S and I have only been dating for 5 weeks! It feels like we’ve known each other forever!

We left Seattle EARLY Friday morning, and landed to cloudless skies in Boise before 10AM (1 hour later there). Cab to our hotel in DT Boise where we freshened up. We then walked a few blocks to meet one of his best guy friends for lunch. That started our pre-birthday pub crawl. We walked to another place to meet a couple more of his friends, and then we went to campus and S showed me the infamous blue field. We walked on it, took some pictures, and then he showed me around campus. We wandered around a bit more, went to a couple more bars/restaurants, met some more of his friends, and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the surprise evening. I was told, “Wear your bikini.” I asked, “What else do I need?” “Your headlamp.” “Anything else?” “Nope.” (He packed everything else). We drove for about 45 minutes, and then got “there.” It was dark. We hiked up a bit, and then…Hot Springs!! I had NEVER been to hot springs, and S knew this. It was so awesome. The temperature of the pool was perfect, and we played in there for a while, stared up at the star-filled sky…it was absolutely beautiful! My head almost got smacked by a couple of bats, too. 🙂

Saturday morning…my birthday, we woke up very early to go climbing!! I wasn’t a fan of waking up early, but when climbing is involved, I am 100% down. We drove a short distance to Black Cliffs and did a couple of climbs before it got too hot. We went with S’s friend who leads, and at one point, he said, “Want to do your first lead for your birthday?” At first I said no, but when he said, “It’s your birthday,” I agreed, and I am so glad I did. I did a 5.7, and it was really, really fun! There was one spot where I was a little freaked out, but I did it, and I finished, and I survived!! SO excited to do it again!

After climbing for a couple of hours, we went to lunch, and then off to the next fun activity: frisbee (disc) golf. It was so much fun!! It’s played on a mini golf course with a frisbee. The “hole” is a metal bucket. Par is 3 on all the holes. At first, I was horrible. I seriously do not know how to throw a frisbee. But, by the end, I was beating the guys. 🙂 After frisbee golf, we were dropped off at another friend’s house where we would stay the night. There was a block party going on for the Boise State game, and I met a ton more of S’s friends. It was hard to keep everyone’s names straight!! Boise won, and everyone was happy. Toward the end of the game, S came walking out with a cupcake and a lit candle in it and everyone sang Happy Birthday. It was so great. 🙂

Sunday…we slept in!! Our original plan was to get up early, drive into the mountains, hike and camp, but we were exhausted, so we decided against that plan. Instead, we slept in, went out for brunch, and then floated the Boise River. So much fun. There are actual mini-waterfalls to go over, so it’s much different from floating in Washington. After we floated the river, we showered, went out for dinner, went and played pool, and made it a semi-early night…we were pretty tired.

Monday…slept in again. 🙂 Went into DT Boise for brunch, and then went mountain biking. Ooh, boy, that was hard. It was about 90 degrees out and I had NEVER been. When we got to a steep incline, which seemed to go on forever, the boys were coaching me on what to do, and right before we went, S said, “And, I know how competitive you are, so I am just going to tell you…NO ONE has EVER made it all the way up without stopping their first time.” And that was all I needed to do everything I could to make it up without stopping. And…I did. I only shifted gears once, and I didn’t stop at all. I felt like I was going to die, but there was no way in hell I was going to stop. Probably one of the hardest things I had ever done. And, going down hill was not much easier. I was completely out of control and thought for sure, more than once, I was going to fly over my handle bars. I rode in ruts, over drop offs, on sand, but not ONCE did I fall!!! I made it the entire way!! YAY!

After mountain biking we went out for celebratory beers and some lunch in this super cool open air bar: Parilla. We went there on Friday, too. I think all the bars in the South Bay should follow suit, and even Seattle should have some.

Then, we went back to shower quickly before going to the airport. 😦 It was truly an amazing weekend. It was a perfect blend of awesome fun activities, exercise, football, outside time, good food, drinks, cool people, and a little bit of downtime. S was amazing in every way, and he made this weekend super special. I am all smiles thinking about it…and him. 🙂

Now, back to reality, and back to training!! Today I start my 12 week training program for the Seattle Half marathon Thanksgiving weekend. I am excited to get back on a schedule and be more disciplined. This past weekend, and summer have been incredible, and I did everything I wanted to do, now it’s time to get my focus back and achieve some more goals! Top 10 in my age group for the Seattle half…BRING IT!!