23 Aug

Wow. My life is crazy busy right now. I am trying to take as many deep breaths as possible.

My dear friend is getting married this weekend, and last weekend a group of girls ventured up to Vancouver for her bachelorette party. It was a blast. It was a perfect mix of partying (ooh, we partied like rock stars), mellow time, and active time. Friday night was a $hit show….fun, but I think I did about 2 years worth of partying in 5 hours. Saturday day, we lounged by the pool, and then I took a 3 hour nap while the girls went shopping. Sleep felt amazing.

Saturday night, we went out to a nice dinner. We were all so spent from the previous night, we just went back to our hotel to watch a movie!

Sunday, we got up and drove north to Grouse Mountain to go zip lining. WOW! It was amazing and totally unexpected. I was picturing us doing one long zip line through the woods somewhere, and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. Grouse Mountain is a ski area. We began the journey with a gondola ride up, up, up. The views were amazing! We had a perfect day, weather wise, too. When we got to the top, we met our zip line guides, got our gear, and went to the first line. We did a total of five zip lines, scattered all over the mountain. One of them went over water, another was about 1000 feet up (maybe more!), one of them we got up to speeds of 55mph, one of them was pretty long, and the first one was short and sweet, to get us used to zipping. We rode a chair lift up the mountain even higher after the first couple of zip lines, and the views were even more remarkable. There were bears, wolves, a lumber jack show, paragliders, a ginormous windmill…it was all amazing. We could have spent the entire day there!

The whole weekend was great, and the bride had a good time, which was the most important thing.

I was missing someone VERY much, who I was so happy to see when I got home from our trip. Comforting, attentive, affectionate, interested, generous, thoughtful, complimentary: words I use to describe him. Happy, calm, relaxed, safe: words used to describe me when I am with him.

The wedding is Saturday. I am so excited for my lovely friend, and I am also excited for everyone to meet the man who makes me feel the way I do these days. It is going to be a great weekend.

So, I told myself this summer I would: start dating, take a break from training, and party. I succeeded in these goals. I am so good at achieving my goals! 😉 Although I am having a blast, I am ready to get back in training mode. Training without the distraction of DATING will be very nice, and I am really looking forward to sharing it with someone. He is, too! 🙂

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