I am the epitome of happy…right now

16 Aug

This is my Happiness blog. It has been a place for me to write about all the things in my life, which make me happy. I have written about some pretty great things, but now…right now in my life, EVERYTHING is happy. For a long while, although I only wrote about the happy stuff…or at least tried to, there was always so much else going on in my life that I wouldn’t necessarily say made me very happy. I avoided writing about it…I was dealing with it, yes, but I didn’t want to bring all of my readers down. I was working through it, and all the happy things I wrote about were what helped me get to where I am now. It’s a pretty amazing place.

I am doing everything I love right now…I am surrounded by people I love and who love me back. I feel great.

I wake up every day and come hang out with Baby H. He is my buddy, and my days are spent laughing with him.

While he sleeps, I do another thing I absolutely love: I write. I write a lot. I have a lot of different projects I am working on right now, and it all makes me happy.

Every day, I move my body and sweat: running, yoga, climbing, brisk walk with Baby H, hiking, stand up paddle boarding…anything that makes me feel good.

I have an amazing circle of friends who I talk to and hang out with as much as I can.

I recently met someone amazing whom I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know.

My life is calm, happy, easy, and fun. All the pain, hard work, and grief I have endured the past couple of years has paid off BIG TIME. I have learned how to take care of myself, how to make myself happy, and how to say no to things that don’t make me feel good. EVERYTHING is working out perfectly, and at the right time, and I am welcoming it all in with a smile on my face. Life is good…life is really good, and I deserve everything good that is in my life right now. πŸ™‚


One response to “I am the epitome of happy…right now

  1. kara lind

    August 17, 2011 at 6:23 am

    You deserve everything good in your life always! I am so happy to see you finally getting to be you and loving it πŸ™‚


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