Well, hello, summer, nice of you to visit Seattle

25 Jul

Summer made an appearance in Seattle over the weekend! It was just beautiful…how it is SUPPOSED to be in Seattle in the summer.

Friday night, my new climbing partner and I went out to dinner. We had planned on going to Leavenworth to climb Saturday, but it was going to be VERY hot over there, so we opted to go stay local and go to Exit 38. Wise choice.

I was still pretty beat up from climbing the previous weekend and could barely climb. 😦 My chest was SO sore…particularly on the right side. I had to climb very slowly, and cautiously, and I couldn’t push myself at all. It was sad. 😦 I was very glad we didn’t make the long trek to Leavenworth. I was only able to climb two routes…I didn’t want to injure myself anymore. It was a GORGEOUS day, so it felt good to be outside, I just wish I could have climbed more.

After climbing (and showering), we headed to a wedding, which was a lot of fun!!

Sunday, I woke up, went for a long run down at the beach, and then headed to the south end to meet a friend at a friend’s house on the lake. This was the hottest day of the summer yet, and I spent it exactly how I would want to spend a hot day: boating, wakeboarding, jet skiing, swimming, slip and sliding, and relaxing. It was just awesome! My friend on Alki was having a dinner BBQ, so I left the south end and drove straight to her house. It was a perfect end to an awesome weekend. 🙂

Yoga tonight, for the first time in nearly two weeks. Yikes!


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