Goodbye Asics, Hello Brooks

25 Jul

I finally got around to doing something today that I have been trying to do since I ran the marathon: I went to Road Runner Sports and got fitted for a running shoe that is the correct shoe for my foot. I had my foot measured (I was running on a shoe 1/2 size too small), I was videoed running on the treadmill (I have a very slight pronation on my right foot, which might be why my Achilles is STILL bothering me), my left foot is normal, though, the shoe I was running on is made for over pronators, which explains why my feet felt broken at mile 24 of the marathon.I was also fitted for insoles.

Next came the trying-on of shoes. My feet wanted shoes in the “neutral” category. I was running on a shoe from the “stability” category. No good.

First shoe I tried on was the Brooks Ghost 4. I have heard great things about Brooks. My friend is a fit (clothing) model for them, and I actually am in the process of trying to get sponsored by them. She currently gets 40% off of all their gear, so I can get this shoe for 40% off! But, I hadn’t made my decision quite yet. I tried the shoe on. It felt good. I ran on the treadmill with it, and it still felt good. Then…the sales guy put in the insole, which had been formed to my foot. It felt REALLY good. So much more support.

The second shoe I tried on was the Mizuno Wave Runner. This shoe felt like it gave a tad more support, but my right toe hit the top of the shoe, and I was already battling one black toenail, I didn’t want another. I don’t think my toe was hitting because the shoe was too small, I think it was just not designed for my toes.

The third she he brought out, I didn’t even try on. It was a Nike, and it was UGLY. Also, I ran on Nikes before I switched to Asics, and I wasn’t too happy with them.

So, I decided to go with the Brooks. They were only $89.95, I got 30% off today, and in the future (assuming I like the shoe), I can get 40% through my friend. I also got the insoles, which I will need to replace every 3rd time I get new shoes. They give my feet so much more support, and with all the miles I am going to be putting on my feet, and the problems I had during the last part of the marathon, I want to take care of my feet.

I am so excited to run tomorrow! I will let you know how it goes.

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Posted by on July 25, 2011 in Happiness, Just for fun, Running


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