05 Jul

Training is over until September, and the timing really is just perfect because…SUMMER has arrived!! And not only that, but I have found the balance I have been looking for. For the past year (and a bit), my focus has been on taking care of myself, which was a new job. I set goals, trained hard, made good choices, and the outcome has been amazing. I have achieved my goals, gotten to know myself pretty well, and learned a lot about me and about life. I still have some work to do…this will be a life long project, but I am ready to change my focus a bit, at least temporarily. So…for the next couple of months, my focus will be on having fun! If I miss a run because I am invited to happy hour with some great friends, I am okay with that! If I don’t go to yoga because it is just too dang hot and it sounds much more appealing to be out on a boat, I am okay with that! This past weekend was not only the summer kick off, but a great way to show me that yes, I still do know how to have fun, and I deserve to play for a while.

I was invited to spend the long weekend with a friend at a friend’s house on the lake in Lake Oswego, OR. I had to get through a minor battle before I finally decided to go (three days before we left). My battle was: I should stay home, run, go to yoga and catch up on sleep. I have been gone more than I have been home, and I should really just relax this weekend. After talking to a couple of other friends who encouraged me to go, I finally decided, yes, I should go. It would be good for me. I would be around new people, and it would be good for me to socialize. This was one of the best decisions I have made. The weekend was amazing! The house was gorgeous. The city was beautiful. The group of people we were with were accommodating, generous, and a lot of fun! I didn’t run all weekend, and I felt completely okay with it. I look back on the weekend with a smile on my face, and look forward to many more fun times this summer. 🙂


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