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Goodbye Asics, Hello Brooks

I finally got around to doing something today that I have been trying to do since I ran the marathon: I went to Road Runner Sports and got fitted for a running shoe that is the correct shoe for my foot. I had my foot measured (I was running on a shoe 1/2 size too small), I was videoed running on the treadmill (I have a very slight pronation on my right foot, which might be why my Achilles is STILL bothering me), my left foot is normal, though, the shoe I was running on is made for over pronators, which explains why my feet felt broken at mile 24 of the marathon.I was also fitted for insoles.

Next came the trying-on of shoes. My feet wanted shoes in the “neutral” category. I was running on a shoe from the “stability” category. No good.

First shoe I tried on was the Brooks Ghost 4. I have heard great things about Brooks. My friend is a fit (clothing) model for them, and I actually am in the process of trying to get sponsored by them. She currently gets 40% off of all their gear, so I can get this shoe for 40% off! But, I hadn’t made my decision quite yet. I tried the shoe on. It felt good. I ran on the treadmill with it, and it still felt good. Then…the sales guy put in the insole, which had been formed to my foot. It felt REALLY good. So much more support.

The second shoe I tried on was the Mizuno Wave Runner. This shoe felt like it gave a tad more support, but my right toe hit the top of the shoe, and I was already battling one black toenail, I didn’t want another. I don’t think my toe was hitting because the shoe was too small, I think it was just not designed for my toes.

The third she he brought out, I didn’t even try on. It was a Nike, and it was UGLY. Also, I ran on Nikes before I switched to Asics, and I wasn’t too happy with them.

So, I decided to go with the Brooks. They were only $89.95, I got 30% off today, and in the future (assuming I like the shoe), I can get 40% through my friend. I also got the insoles, which I will need to replace every 3rd time I get new shoes. They give my feet so much more support, and with all the miles I am going to be putting on my feet, and the problems I had during the last part of the marathon, I want to take care of my feet.

I am so excited to run tomorrow! I will let you know how it goes.

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Well, hello, summer, nice of you to visit Seattle

Summer made an appearance in Seattle over the weekend! It was just beautiful…how it is SUPPOSED to be in Seattle in the summer.

Friday night, my new climbing partner and I went out to dinner. We had planned on going to Leavenworth to climb Saturday, but it was going to be VERY hot over there, so we opted to go stay local and go to Exit 38. Wise choice.

I was still pretty beat up from climbing the previous weekend and could barely climb. 😦 My chest was SO sore…particularly on the right side. I had to climb very slowly, and cautiously, and I couldn’t push myself at all. It was sad. 😦 I was very glad we didn’t make the long trek to Leavenworth. I was only able to climb two routes…I didn’t want to injure myself anymore. It was a GORGEOUS day, so it felt good to be outside, I just wish I could have climbed more.

After climbing (and showering), we headed to a wedding, which was a lot of fun!!

Sunday, I woke up, went for a long run down at the beach, and then headed to the south end to meet a friend at a friend’s house on the lake. This was the hottest day of the summer yet, and I spent it exactly how I would want to spend a hot day: boating, wakeboarding, jet skiing, swimming, slip and sliding, and relaxing. It was just awesome! My friend on Alki was having a dinner BBQ, so I left the south end and drove straight to her house. It was a perfect end to an awesome weekend. 🙂

Yoga tonight, for the first time in nearly two weeks. Yikes!


Wonderful weekend

Another great weekend. I am so sore, I can barely move.

Last week, I went to yoga, and ran between 4-6 miles the other days. It all felt great. 🙂

Friday, I met a new friend for dinner. We had a great time! He is a climber, and we made plans to climb together on Sunday.

Saturday, I went up to a friend’s lake house on Lake Kachess to celebrate her birthday. The weather wasn’t perfect summer weather (not warm enough to go out/in the water), but we had a great time anyway. We ate a lot, drank a lot and stayed up way too late.

I got up EARLY the next morning (7:30AM), while everyone was still sound asleep, and made the 2 hour drive to Index to meet my climbing partner. The weather looked iffy, but we decided to go anyway. I had 4 hours sleep. Ugh.

We lucked out. The weather was PERFECT! Not a rain drop on us, good temperature, and the sun even came out for a bit. I climbed the hardest I have climbed in 2 years. Nearly every piece of exposed skin was cut and/or bruised, which means I had a great day climbing. My new climbing partner is awesome! We climbed until I could barely move. As soon as we got in our cars, it started pouring! It was an absolutely perfect day. We had dinner on the way home, and I laughed throughout the entire dinner…

I can barely move my body today I am so sore. It’s a good, happy sore, though. 🙂

My weekend was wonderful. How was yours?


Not a manic Monday

Still balanced. 🙂 This past weekend balanced out last weekend beautifully. This weekend was a mellow, healthy, down-tempo weekend, and I enjoyed every minute of it. This weekend had: sleeping in, family time, long run along the waterfront, birthday celebration of a dear friend, outdoor rock climbing (!!!!), cooking, domestic duties (which have been put off), and some more sleep. AAHH! I woke up this morning feeling fulfilled, rested, happy, optimistic, healthy and grateful. Not a bad way to start the week.

Also, I found my horoscope for today interesting. Some thoughts that have been in my mind today, actually:

“Don’t concern yourself with getting more. Concentrate on what you already have, Virgo. Work with whatever resonates within you. You instinctively know what does and doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time on meaningless issues. Focus on priorities. The more balanced and stable your emotions can be today, the more prosperity will come into your life.”

I like it. 🙂

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Training is over until September, and the timing really is just perfect because…SUMMER has arrived!! And not only that, but I have found the balance I have been looking for. For the past year (and a bit), my focus has been on taking care of myself, which was a new job. I set goals, trained hard, made good choices, and the outcome has been amazing. I have achieved my goals, gotten to know myself pretty well, and learned a lot about me and about life. I still have some work to do…this will be a life long project, but I am ready to change my focus a bit, at least temporarily. So…for the next couple of months, my focus will be on having fun! If I miss a run because I am invited to happy hour with some great friends, I am okay with that! If I don’t go to yoga because it is just too dang hot and it sounds much more appealing to be out on a boat, I am okay with that! This past weekend was not only the summer kick off, but a great way to show me that yes, I still do know how to have fun, and I deserve to play for a while.

I was invited to spend the long weekend with a friend at a friend’s house on the lake in Lake Oswego, OR. I had to get through a minor battle before I finally decided to go (three days before we left). My battle was: I should stay home, run, go to yoga and catch up on sleep. I have been gone more than I have been home, and I should really just relax this weekend. After talking to a couple of other friends who encouraged me to go, I finally decided, yes, I should go. It would be good for me. I would be around new people, and it would be good for me to socialize. This was one of the best decisions I have made. The weekend was amazing! The house was gorgeous. The city was beautiful. The group of people we were with were accommodating, generous, and a lot of fun! I didn’t run all weekend, and I felt completely okay with it. I look back on the weekend with a smile on my face, and look forward to many more fun times this summer. 🙂