19 Jun

I am in Idaho for the week at a ranch riding horses. I was here last year. I am with Baby H and his family. It was a little difficult packing up and heading out of town when I just unpacked from my last trip, but now that I am here, and the worst part is over (7 hour drive with a toddler), it is semi-relaxing. I am going to enjoy my time here, and know my schedule opens up quite a bit after next weekend. There are dogs here. One of them is named Dude. I like him a lot.

My feet are not feeling the best, unfortunately. I have a half-marathon to run Saturday, and I really haven’t been running much. I ran 6 miles yesterday, which felt okay. I felt great cardiovascularly, and it felt oh, so good to get moving, but my right foot started aching at about mile 3. The left foot is nearly completely healed. I didn’t run Friday…actually I didn’t do anything! I was feeling under the weather, so I decided to forgo all exercise, and I felt okay about it! My body wanted me to rest. Thursday I ran 5 miles, and Wednesday I ran 5 miles. Tuesday I went to yoga.

I didn’t run today. I will run tomorrow. The rest of the week depends on how my feet feel after my run tomorrow. I am planning on running the Rock and Roll half Saturday, and will not be expecting to break any records. After Saturday, I will rest my feet and just focus on yoga and hiking. I will return to running full time after my feet feel 100%.

That’s my plan, and I am going to try really, really hard to stick to it.

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Posted by on June 19, 2011 in Children, Happiness, Outdoor fun, Running, Travel, Yoga


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