Feeling non-crippled finally

10 Jun

Today is the first day my feet feel semi-normal. I am walking with hardly any limp…phew! They still hurt, but NOTHING compared to how they’ve been. My goal is to do an easy run Monday. I have to run a half marathon in 2 weeks!! 🙂

Since I can’t run right now, I have been going to yoga everyday. Today will be my 4th day in a row this week. On Tuesday, I couldn’t do the balancing series. There was NO way I could balance on one foot…they hurt way too much. But last night, I was able to do the entire series! Not perfectly, and it hurt a little bit, but my feetsies are definitely on the mend. I was mildly concerned it was something serious: stress fracture, ligament damage, etc., but that doesn’t seem to be the case, thank goodness. I also am so thankful nothing else is affected, specifically my IT bands. I have zero IT band pain. THAT can be a long-term problem, so I am very happy about that.

Since I haven’t been able to run (which has me chomping at the bit, by the way), and I just completed my first marathon after training my butt off since January, and I just came home (to gray skies and rain) from the most perfect vacation ever, I am glad I have yoga to help battle any post-vacation, post-marathon blues. I felt a tad unbalanced Wednesday, but I feel pretty good for the most part.

It’s June…time to date! 🙂



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