That hurt

17 May

Owieeeeeeeeee. Another 20 miles Sunday, and it was rough. 😦 Going into the weekend, I didn’t like the way the weather was looking for both Saturday and Sunday, Sunday being much worse: 50’s and rain. My body was not in tip-top shape either. I was still sore from my last 20 miler two weeks prior, and Tuesday, I had trouble falling asleep. NOOOOOO! I have been sleeping so well…not long enough, but I was crashing out at night. I was not going to let my sleep get out of control again. I tried to get in for an acupuncture appointment immediately (I was not successful), so I went and got some Reiki instead. One reiki session=good nights’ sleep. I have slept well since. YAY! I went to acupuncture this morning, too. I am trying with a new person. I wasn’t a fan of the process (the needles are uncomfortable), but I really think it was helping with my sleep and with my soreness (two things I had her focus on). I have worked WAY too hard training for this race to have my body fall apart the last three weeks.

So, I was a bit nervous going into my last really long run. I spent all day Saturday running errands for my long run/race day. I wanted to make sure I was running in the outfit I was going to run the race in, and I desperately needed new shoes. The shoes I bought three months ago were shot! And, I was running in a shoe that was 1/2 size too small, hence my black toe nail. I got some more electrolyte fruit snacks to eat during my long run (I don’t like the GU stuff), and some Body Glide to prevent chafing (I have never chafed, but just in case). Saturday was a beautiful day to be running errands, and I hoped that the next day would be a nice weather surprise, too. Late in the afternoon, I was told by a woman at one of the running stores I went to: “Tomorrow’s weather is going to be BAD. Why don’t you run today instead? That’s what I would do. Those training programs are not carved in stone.” It was 3PM. I had not even thought of this. I had not prepared to run on Saturday. I felt like an idiot. It made much more sense, since I had a birthday party to go to Sunday afternoon. Early on in my training, I had switched some training days, but with only three weeks to go until race day, I didn’t even think about switching up the days. Oy. It would have been a good idea. I was pretty bummed out about not thinking about it, ESPECIALLY when I woke up Sunday morning to steady rain. Yuck.

I woke up tired and grumpy, but tried to think positively: I wouldn’t overheat. I wouldn’t sunburn. I really didn’t mind running in the rain that much. I would feel so good after it was done.

I had a busy day, so I had no time to dink around. After a quick bowl of oatmeal, I was out the door wearing: my new shoes, a hat, my running dress (with a pair of sport boy shorts underneath…this was what I wanted to make sure didn’t chafe), a long sleeve dri-fit top over, and my water bottle with electrolyte fruit snacks in the pocket.

I warmed up quickly, and 2 /2 miles in, I was sweating and uncomfortably warm already. I decided to strip off the long sleeve shirt and leave it at my friend’s whose house was on my route. I was happy with my decision until, 4 miles later, the wind REALLY picked up. So, it was pouring, and blowing sideways, and with all the water on my skin, it was COLD. Yikes. 14 more miles of this? I was starting to break down mentally. I was not having fun at all. Then I snapped myself out of it…I had to! I told myself I could do this…that it was a piece of cake. I had this battle probably a half dozen more times before I finished the 20 miles. The last five miles were the worst. I was a mess. I hurt. I was sopping wet. I was hungry (which was really weird), and I was tired of running. So many times I just wanted to give up, but I didn’t…I kept going, talking (out loud) to myself and growling the rest of the way. I thought of the massage I had scheduled for later that afternoon, and how good that was going to feel. This thought helped me stay focused on finishing. People drove by and gawked (I was running in the pouring, cold, rain in a dress), and I smiled and waved, with a pained look on my face, I am sure, to passers-by bundled up in their hats, gloves, rain gear and holding umbrellas.  Most of them smiled back, but there were a few who just stared in amazement? Disbelief? Pity? Who knows, but I am sure they were glad they were not doing what I was doing at that moment. But, I finished, in around an 8:30 mile. It hurt to stop! AND, NO chafing at all!!! YAY.

I couldn’t get to the bagel store fast enough. I was so, so hungry, sopping wet, and freezing cold. I had a one year old’s birthday party to get to, so after I got my scrambagel, I rushed home, ran the bath, filled it with Epsom Salt, and got it. I ate my bagel in the bath. It took me a while to warm up, and when I did, it felt so, so good. My feet were a mess from running in soaked socks. Luckily no blisters!

I could have stayed in the bath much longer, but had to head south to the party. I stayed long enough to say hi to the birthday boy, visit a bit, see him open his present, and eat three pieces of cake (felt so gross after that), before I had to head to my massage. I was SOOOOOOO looking forward to my massage. My poor body was hurting.

My massage hurt, too. But a hurt so good, I know I need it kind of hurt. I had knots I didn’t even know I had. My bad for not getting a massage after my last 20 miler. My biggest problem right now is Achilles pain, which is spreading down into my foot. It HURTS! I was walking with a limp, and it still hurts now. 😦

Yoga last night helped loosen the last bit of tightness, and I was actually walking without a limp last night! YAY!!

Acupuncture this morning with an amazing acupuncturist! I felt REALLY good when she was done with me. And, she sent me home with some herbs (for anxiety) and special tea (for sleeping) that looks like sticks and bark. I am going to see her again next week before I leave for Cali.

I have a 6 mile run tonight. It’s BEAUTIFUL outside.

Hey, if I can run 20 miles in the crap weather I ran in Sunday, I really can do anything. The race…in San Diego…in the warm sunshine is going to be so refreshing after running in the freezing cold wet mess I ran in Sunday. Aaaaaah sunshine!! 🙂

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