Less than 4 weeks to go!

09 May

Race day is 4 weeks from yesterday!! Wow.

My quads hurt pretty much the entire week. I don’t think it was necessarily all from my run, either. They were sore going into my 20 miler, I think from yoga. I am sure the run aggravated them, but the long run is not the primary cause of the soreness. I have never had quad problems/soreness, but man-oh-man, they were sore this week. After my 20 mile run last Sunday, I rested Monday (went to yoga and tried to take it easy), and started right back up Tuesday with 4 x 1 mile sprints. It actually wasn’t too bad. I ran around 7 minute miles. I didn’t want to push myself too hard because I had a 7 mile run Wednesday, and then Thursday, Cinco de Mayo, I ran 10 miles. I ran 3 laps around Greenlake. I ran while everyone boozed in the beer garden at Tacos Guaymas. I was a tad bit envious, yes, but I knew I would feel MUCH better the next morning, so I ran and ran and ran. I didn’t prepare for this long run, and got REALLY hungry around mile 8. When I finished the run, I couldn’t get to my car fast enough to go get something to eat: fish tacos. I NEVER get hungry like that when I run. I was famished. I then got up bright and early (5AM) Friday morning to go to yoga. I went to yoga in the morning  because girls night was in the evening. Everyone ended up cancelling last minute, however. I was sad.

The weekend was busy, busy, busy. Birthday preparation and party and Mother’s Day and running. AND the best part of the weekend??? A surprise visit from my lovely little sister. It was SOOOOOOO good to see her. 🙂

My 10 mile run yesterday was amazing. I basically sprinted the entire time. I felt really, really, really good. I think it had something to do with all the food I ate at brunch and the previous night at the birthday dinner. I really run better when I am fully fueled up.

So, less than 4 weeks to go until the race. One more LONG 20 miler this Sunday before I start tapering. I am getting very excited!! And a little nervous, too, but I think I will be just fine. 🙂


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