And that…was 20 miles.

02 May

And THAT was 20 miles. Wow. 2:51.00 of running (I stopped once at a drinking fountain to fill up my water bottle). It went pretty well. Not as well as my 18 miler, but well for 20 miles. My quads were a little sore going into the run (from yoga Friday, I believe), and my legs started to get quite fatigued around mile 10. Not painful, just tired. My music died with 2 1/2 miles to go, and that last mile seemed to drag…on…forever. But, I did it, and I don’t need a wheel chair today. But, I sure do feel it today. My legs are tired, and I have mild IT band pain in my left knee. Also, I am tired…really, really tired. I should have gone to sleep MUCH earlier. Oh well.

Luckily it was a beautiful day. I dressed perfectly. I wasn’t too hot and none of my clothing bothered me. Unfortunately, however, I forgot about sunscreen, and got VERY burned. 😦 I have  some awesome (no, not) sports bra and arm band (for my ipod) tan/burn lines. Yikes.

I went straight to the bagel shop after my run to get an egg bagel. This has been my ritual after every long run for this round of training. It’s called a “Scrambagel.” I get it on a salt bagel (to replenish all the salt lost from sweating), with jack cheese, chives, and salt and pepper. It is DELICIOUS!!! It hits the spot after the run. I get it to go, and sit in my warm car in the sun and eat. I am too hungry to wait until I get home, and the warmth of the car feels really good as my body cools down after the run.

Then, home I went and into an Epsom salt bath where I soaked for…not long enough, but I wanted to get out and enjoy the sun some more, and also do some socializing! So, I headed over to my friend’s who lives on Beach Drive. She has a fantastic view, and a fabulous porch to sit on to watch said view. It is a great people-watching venue, and for some reason, the location of her house/porch is hotter than any other spot on the street. We were sweating!

After baking in the sun all day, I went to do my red light therapy. 🙂

After all this I was really tired, and VERY hungry! But, I had a lawn to cut. A VERY long lawn, and since it was supposed to rain the next day, I had to tackle it. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t fun at all. It took me a long, long time, and my legs were so tired. But, I finished, and feel so much better about the condition of my yard now. 🙂

I start week 16 of training this week. I am supposed to run again tomorrow? Ouch. 😦 Hopefully yoga tonight will help loosen everything up a bit.

Oh, and the distraction I mentioned last post. GONE! This train is getting back on track!!

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Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Happiness, Outdoor fun, Running, Yoga


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