18 miles…piece of cake. :)

18 Apr

Although I started running at a young age (I was running, and winning, three mile races at the age of 6), I wouldn’t say I’ve been a “runner” my whole life. An athlete, yes, but not necessarily a runner. I ran my first half marathon a decade ago, and prior to that I had never ran more than 6 miles, and I wasn’t the best runner. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would run 18 miles and say it was no big deal, but that is the truth.

Yesterday was my longest long run to date: 18 miles. I had an extremely busy weekend and was running around both Saturday and Sunday from the moment I woke up until the evening. I didn’t even get around to my run yesterday until 2:00! I was only the slightest bit worried about how my body would hold up, but my body held up immaculately! It was a really, really, really good run. I did it in 2:31.00, so a little bit over an 8 minute mile. The weather was perfect, and although it was a lot of running, I finished strong and could have easily ran another 8 miles.

I had a massage scheduled for right after, and after 90 minutes, I was useless. I was uber-relaxed.

I feel great today. My fourth toenail on my right foot is in pain…I think I will lose it, but other than that, I am practically pain-free. All the hard work I have done taking care of my body has paid off: chiropractor, vitamins, massage, yoga, red light, acupuncture. It’s all working! YAY!

I start week 14 of training this week, and I am so happy my body is holding up so nicely. I actually think the race is not going to be a big deal! Good, since I am signed up for the half marathon in Seattle three weeks later, and after that?? RELAX for the summer. This summer is going to be awesome, I feel it in my bones. 🙂

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Posted by on April 18, 2011 in Happiness, Running, Yoga


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