Move over, me, bring on something new

11 Apr

I start week 13 of training this week. My longest run EVER is Sunday: 18 miles. Yikes. I will be preparing for that one all week.

I have more energy these days, so training is going better. My 7, 8, 9, even 10 mile runs are my short-er runs these days. Crazy. And my three mile runs? Um…doesn’t really feel like anything. I had a 3 mile run Saturday, and I barely broke a sweat. So, later in the day, I went to yoga to REALLY sweat. That was sandwiched between 6AM yoga Friday and a 10 mile run Sunday. I am really sore right now. Yoga tonight. Yay.

The countdown is on for the marathon. But, it is also a vacation for me. It will be nice to get away and have some relaxing beach time before the big race. Now if it would just warm up here! I am ready for warm weather and a busier social calendar. I have definitely been hibernating, which has been really good for me, but I am ready to have some FUN!! It has been interesting spending time with myself and getting to know myself, but I am getting bored with myself.

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Posted by on April 11, 2011 in Running, Travel, Yoga


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