11 Apr

I am almost giddy…for no particular reason! I feel really, really good. I am calm, peaceful, optimistic, energetic, clear-headed, and dare I say…happy!? Wow. Something amazing is happening to me, and I really am liking it. I know it’s not just HAPPENING. I have worked very, very hard to get where I am, and unfortunately had to basically go through hell to get here, but here I am, and I don’t want to leave. 🙂

I just came from probably the best yoga class I have ever been to. It was DEFINITELY the most packed, and probably the hottest/muggiest, yet I felt oh, so good. 🙂 And, going into class I was really, really tired (didn’t get enough sleep last night), but as the class progressed I gained more and more energy, and felt better and better! It was great! Boy was it sweaty and steamy in the room. Yikes!

After class, I did something I haven’t done since I started practicing Bikram Yoga a year ago. I took a shower in the locker room. Normally, I drive home sweaty. But tonight, there was no line for the showers, so I jumped into a COLD shower. Wow. It was invigorating. I left class feeling marvelous. I then went for red light therapy. Ahhhhhh…

So, life is good right now. Everything is coming together nicely. My creativity is overflowing (the reason I couldn’t fall asleep last night was because my head was filled with exciting ideas). I am so busy figuring out my life and what makes me happy. More to come…

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Posted by on April 11, 2011 in Happiness, Just for fun, Yoga


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