My bruise-free life

07 Mar

Uh oh. My IT bands are flaring up. 😦

I finished up week 7 of training yesterday with a 12 mile run down at the beach. It was a beautiful day! The majority of the run went great, but right around mile 8, I started feeling the twinge on the outside of my knee. I haven’t felt that twinge in a while…not since my first few half-marathons. I was pretty bummed out, as the pain increased and I still had 4 miles to run. I powered through it, and still managed to finish with an okay time for a training run. But, man, I was in pain.

I do NOT want to deal with IT band pain, especially this early on in training! I must foam roll more (it really, really, really hurts), and stretch more.  Training isn’t going to get any easier. When training for a half-marathon, 12 miles is the longest training run I do. For full marathon training, I already am running 12 miles in week 7, l and I still have 13 weeks to go! Yikes! Tuesdays are usually my easiest runs, but tomorrow I have 6 miles.  A lot after 12 miles. I really hope my body can take all this training.

On another note. Everything else in my life seems to have settled down, THANK GOODNESS!!! The past year has been non-relaxing, definitely not boring, extremely difficult at times, but it all needed to happen for me to be the person I am now. Someone I like SO much better than the person I was a year ago.

I moved March 20 of last year, so we’re coming up on a year. I got a new couch about a week after I moved in. It was a couch that required some assembly. The directions specified it was a two person job, but, being the new independent person I was, opted to put it together alone. It was hard, and I did it, but not without dropping the couch on my toe. I bruised my toe nail, and over the past year, I have watched that large black spot on my toenail slowly grow out. Yesterday, I cut my toe nails, and I cut that bruise off. Bye-bye bruise, and bye-bye past. Good riddance! Now, on to my bruise-free life. I am very excited. 🙂

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Posted by on March 7, 2011 in Happiness, Running


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