Hola. Gracias.

15 Feb

Hola! I am back, safe and sound, but not healthy, unfortunately. My first trip to Mexico will not be forgotten, that’s for sure. It wasn’t the best trip, but I didn’t have any expectations, so I wasn’t too let down.

Everyone in our party got sick. Not Mexico sick, but sick sick: ear infections, fever, throwing up, achy. I got the bug on Saturday, and spent nearly all day in bed. The weather was AWFUL that day, so if I was to pick a day to be sick, that was the day.

I managed to do all my training runs, except for a 3 miler the last day. I even somehow managed to run 10 miles on Saturday…the day I was sick. I felt just good enough to run…told myself I would only run as much as I felt like, and ended running the whole 10 miles! I stopped every few miles for water (I ran on the treadmill. It was too stormy to run outside), and I think that’s why I was able to run so long! After the run, however, I got progressively worse, and went right back to bed. Ugh.

All my other runs were run outside, and boy were they hard. It is VERY humid in Cancun. I would say there wasn’t a day where the humidity was less than 80%, and it was hot. My first run there, on Monday…a 3 miler, I ran at 5PM, and it was extremely challenging. I am so glad we don’t have that humidity here in Seattle. It was unbearable.

So, I start week 5 of training today, but I am not up to running, unfortunately. 😦 I didn’t work yesterday, spent most of the day in bed, and didn’t go to yoga.

My plan is to go to yoga tonight, and get back on track with running tomorrow, but I am not sure if I am even up for yoga yet. I took Baby H for a 40 minute walk today, and was wiped out after. That is VERY unusual. I guess if I am to get sick, and take some time off from running, I would rather it be this early on in training. It is uncommon for me to get sick, and I am hoping this passes quickly. I don’t like feeling this way.

I know this may sound strange, since I was in a tropical destination in another country, but I am VERY happy to be home. I like my life here, my friends, my family, my routine, our crappy weather…well, I don’t LIKE the crappy weather, but it’s familiar. With all the change that has been going on my life recently, it’s nice having some familiarity. I feel like I do a better job at progressing my life when I have some constant surrounding me. I know my trip to Mexico, and everything that happened there, happened the way it was supposed to happen, and is part of my life progression, too, I just am REALLY happy to be home to my people, my weather, my yoga, and my bed. 🙂

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