Mid-week blues thwarted by run

27 Jan

5 mile run yesterday. It was beautiful outside, but I had to run inside on the treadmill. 😦 Man, was I dreading the run, too. I was in a major funk, and did not want to run inside. But, the run turned out to be great. Seems the more I dread a run, the better the run turns out. Probably because the more I am dreading a run, the more I need it! That was definitely the case yesterday. I had the midweek blues, and the run snapped me out of them. Running sure is a natural antidepressant, and I am so thankful I CAN run.

Several months ago, yoga was my primary savior (oh, I still love yoga, trust me) because it was 90 minutes where I didn’t have to think about life. Running is my time to think, and at that point in my life I really didn’t want to think. Now, however, I am okay with being in my thoughts. I have stuff to figure out, so I treasure my runs. I feel like I can solve the world’s problems during my run (well, at least put a dent in MY problems), and I feel so refreshed after. Both running and yoga are what have kept me strong and sane over the past difficult year.

Also, the funk I was in yesterday? It was very short-lived. I knew what was causing my funk, and my mind was on active duty solving the problem. I figured out what I needed to do to make myself feel better both in the short and long-term. And my short-term solution…my run…was what helped me figure out the long-term solution. I feel much better today. Thanks, run. 🙂

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Posted by on January 27, 2011 in Happiness, Running, Yoga


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