28 Nov

Well, I really surprised myself. For the past 24 hours, I loaded up on ibuprofen, took an Epsom Salt bath, rubbed menthol stuff (not sure of the name, it’s natural) on my hamstring, drank a ton of water, ate a lot, and slept a lot, and it worked! I had no hamstring pain whatsoever!

I was supposed to meet my dad at the start this morning, but I couldn’t find him anywhere! I waited in the slowest moving porta-potty line ever, and barely got to the start in time. I wanted to be up closer, but I didn’t have time to push my way up there. So, I started 30 seconds back, without my dad. 😦 It was cold. My muscles felt a bit tight, and I could feel the cold air in my lungs. I really had no idea how the run was going to go. Everyone seemed to be passing me at the beginning, but I was forcing myself to hold back a bit so I could finish strong. I messed up all my splits, so I didn’t get any accurate split times, but I seemed to be running under an 8 minute mile, and since I really wanted to get 1:45.00 or better, I was on track.

About mile 6, I turned to the left, and there was my dad! We ran together for a bit, which was nice. At the halfway point, my time was 52:46, which put me finishing right around 1:45.00. I took my first sip of Gatorade right after the half-way point, and the two small sips gave me a burst of energy, and from that point on, I began to feel stronger. At mile 9, I started passing everyone, and looked around, and I was running with the guys. There were hardly any women around!

The Seattle Marathon is known to be a pretty difficult course; it is hilly. There are a lot of long hills. It is MUCH more challenging than the Rock and Roll, which is pretty flat. Also, the conditions are more difficult: it was cold!

I felt really strong the last few miles, and was racing with one particular woman. I passed her one of the hills, and then she passed me on the flat. She started to take off pretty fast, and I struggled to keep up with her. I wasn’t ready to give it my all yet. But, in the last 1/2 mile, I passed her and never looked back. I felt REALLY strong at the finish, and sprinted over the finish line! My final time, 1:42.17, is better than I ever imagined. My second half was nearly three minutes faster than the first half, which was good! I saved myself for the finish, just as I did in the Rock and Roll. Even though my time was a little over two minutes slower today, I felt stronger, and ran better. I am very proud. I worked very hard, and it showed. And I didn’t let a little hiccup (my hamstring) slow me down.

My stats:

I averaged a 7:36 minute mile

14/676 in my division (they give awards to the top 10, so I just missed it…by 2 minutes! A goal for next time…)

87/4336 women

I am not sure how I placed overall, something like 500/7500

So, now a month of rest, focusing on stretching out my tight muscles, before I start training for the next one.

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Posted by on November 28, 2010 in Happiness, Running


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