I hope I finish

27 Nov

Happy after-Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all ate lots and spent time with loved ones; I did. 🙂

So, the race is the day after tomorrow. Yikes. My body is not 100%, unfortunately. I have been having hamstring issues since my run last Sunday in the frigid cold. I ran 8 miles on Thanksgiving, and had to stop several times to stretch. I thought I wasn’t even going to be able to finish the 8 miles, and I probably shoudln’t have. It started tightening up after the first two miles, as it did with every run this week. I was also walking with a noticeable limp last night. Add on top of that a cold that I am trying really hard to fight. My only symptoms are sneezing and feeling REALLY run down. I am tired.  Damn cold. Training this time has been considerably more difficult than training for the Rock and Roll. I guess that’s what I get for jumping in at week 4. My thirty-something body can’t handle it.

I went to yoga today and took it easy. It hurt to even stretch my hamstring. I felt off, too. Just really run down. Good night sleep tonight, vitamins, lots of food tomorrow, to bed early tomorrow night, and I hope I can finish the race.

After the race, I am going to (try really hard) take the month of December off from running and just focus on yoga. I need to loosen up my muscles. Everything is tight. If I even want to think about running a full marathon in late spring, I have got to get my body stretched out, and this seems like the best idea. I hope it works!

So, I probably won’t write before the race, so wish my luck! At this point, I am hoping to even finish…

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Posted by on November 27, 2010 in Running, Yoga


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