22 Nov

I sure am glad I have my new car! I felt so safe driving to work this morning in the snow. 🙂

Pablo and I went for a walk this morning in the snow. He LOVES the snow. I had to coax him along, but told him we would play in it this evening.


I finished up week 11 of training yesterday, with the most challenging run yet. It was only 8 miles (funny how 8 miles seems short now, but seemed so long the first few weeks of training), but it was so cold and so windy. I opted to run AFTER the Seahawks game. I ran down at the beach and it was really windy. There were white caps and the wind was blowing sideways. I was uncomfortable. 😦 But, I finished it averaging right around an 8 minute mile, which was really good considering I had a head/side wind the majority of the run. My left hamstring started to tighten up pretty badly the last mile, and it is really sore today, too. I am pretty sure it’s from the cold.

Yoga Saturday was great. And I go again tonight…yay!

Less than a week until the race. I am ready for it to come and go. My body needs a rest.

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Posted by on November 22, 2010 in Outdoor fun, Pablo, Running, Yoga


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