17 Nov

I just had a six day, stay-at-home, paid vacation (Baby H and his parents went to New Orleans). I was worried about finding things to fill my time. I had nothing to worry about. My days were slammed from the time I woke up until I went to bed. All good things…all things I chose to do. But, busy, nonetheless. Here is what I have been doing the past six days:

Sleep. I tried to catch up on sleep. I had some pretty good night sleeps, but I could have slept more.

Run. I finished up week 10 of training on Sunday. Week 10 was a BIG week of running. Wednesday: 6 miles, Thursday: 7 miles, Friday (I have been switching my Saturday runs for Fridays): 6 miles, Sunday: 12 miles, yesterday: 5 miles, and today: 5 miles. All runs were under 8 minute miles, and my 12 mile run I did in 93 minutes, 54 seconds. I am running faster than I was when I trained for the Rock and Roll, but my body doesn’t feel as good.

Yoga: Yoga Saturday morning (morning classes are always SO much more difficult), and yoga Monday afternoon.

Walks and play time with Pablo every day.

Movies (DVDs and in the theater)

Socializing and down time with cool people


Visit to friend and her new baby

And I saved the best for last:

Yesterday, after I visited my friend and her 4 week old baby boy, I had an appointment with an advisor in the Educational Psychology department at UW. It felt SO good to be back on campus! I LOVE being a student, and I LOVE that campus, too! The meeting went great. I am right on track to get my application in January 7 for Autumn 2011. I have some writing to do over the next month, and then I will take the GRE after I finish my prep course the end of December. My goal is to have everything DONE by December 31 so I can do some celebrating NYE. 🙂

Today was a day of relaxation. I was surprised with a day at the spa. I got a 90 minute massage, 60 minute facial, and a spa pedicure. I was there 4 hours, and it was AMAZING! I needed this in a bad way. Relaxation has not been part of my daily routine for quite some time, and it felt good to be pampered. Thank you again, You, for my amazing day. 🙂

Pablo had his last class tonight. He did awesome. At the end of class, he was able to play…off leash…without his muzzle! He has a new friend, Parker, a 4 year old HUGE golden retriever. The same golden retriever he did NOT like the first couple of classes. Parker tried mounting Pablo a couple of times tonight during play time. Pablo snapped at him with a quick bark, but it stopped at that. Then they continued to play. Parker’s owner and I are going to be getting our kids together regularly for walks and play times. Class was a success! I will enroll him in another class after the new year, too, and Jeff (the teacher) said Pablo might even be ready to take a regular basic obedience class soon, too! YAY! I wish I would have done this months ago…

So, my stay-cation is over, and back to work I go. I am excited to see Baby H and get back into my hectic routine. Thanksgiving is coming up (my second favorite Holiday after Halloween). The half marathon is a week and a half away. AND, I go to Mexico in less than three months!


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