Pablo the problem child

08 Nov

Wow. I am sorry, peeps. It’s been a while since I have written.

I start week 10 of training this week, and my body hurts. Training plus a 100 pound dog are hurting my body. And, I have not been going to yoga regularly. I MUST make time for yoga. I am not sure getting a bigger car was the best idea. Now, Pablo can’t get in the car on his own. I am going to have to buy a ramp for him because I can’t continue to lift him. 😦

Also, since I have gotten the new car, Pablo has been acting out…big time. He has become destructive. He has NEVER been destructive. I would be able to leave him alone in a room full of stuff and trust he wouldn’t chew up anything. I can’t do that anymore. Apparently he is mad he has to ride in the backseat now? As a single doggy mom, I can handle a handful, but my teenage son, Pablo, has become two handfuls and it is overwhelming. 😦 I am going to have to make some major adjustments in our lives. Ugh.

8 mile run yesterday. I averaged a 7:47 minute mile.

I swapped my Saturday run and ran on Friday so I could go to yoga Saturday, but I didn’t make it. So, off to yoga I go tonight!!! And Pablo goes back in his crate starting tonight (I think that may be part of the problem, too). I had begun to let him sleep in his bed next to me at night. Last night, he was so restless, that I didn’t get any sleep. He also seems to have gotten very used to his daily walks. He seems to be in too good of shape and needs more exercise! I already have given him two walks today, and he is still fired up. WHY??????!!!! On a positive note, however, he is listening to me better when I say, “Leave it” on our walks. 🙂 Can’t go anywhere without his treats, though…even while riding in the car.

Oh, the perils of single parenting.

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