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Well, I really surprised myself. For the past 24 hours, I loaded up on ibuprofen, took an Epsom Salt bath, rubbed menthol stuff (not sure of the name, it’s natural) on my hamstring, drank a ton of water, ate a lot, and slept a lot, and it worked! I had no hamstring pain whatsoever!

I was supposed to meet my dad at the start this morning, but I couldn’t find him anywhere! I waited in the slowest moving porta-potty line ever, and barely got to the start in time. I wanted to be up closer, but I didn’t have time to push my way up there. So, I started 30 seconds back, without my dad. 😦 It was cold. My muscles felt a bit tight, and I could feel the cold air in my lungs. I really had no idea how the run was going to go. Everyone seemed to be passing me at the beginning, but I was forcing myself to hold back a bit so I could finish strong. I messed up all my splits, so I didn’t get any accurate split times, but I seemed to be running under an 8 minute mile, and since I really wanted to get 1:45.00 or better, I was on track.

About mile 6, I turned to the left, and there was my dad! We ran together for a bit, which was nice. At the halfway point, my time was 52:46, which put me finishing right around 1:45.00. I took my first sip of Gatorade right after the half-way point, and the two small sips gave me a burst of energy, and from that point on, I began to feel stronger. At mile 9, I started passing everyone, and looked around, and I was running with the guys. There were hardly any women around!

The Seattle Marathon is known to be a pretty difficult course; it is hilly. There are a lot of long hills. It is MUCH more challenging than the Rock and Roll, which is pretty flat. Also, the conditions are more difficult: it was cold!

I felt really strong the last few miles, and was racing with one particular woman. I passed her one of the hills, and then she passed me on the flat. She started to take off pretty fast, and I struggled to keep up with her. I wasn’t ready to give it my all yet. But, in the last 1/2 mile, I passed her and never looked back. I felt REALLY strong at the finish, and sprinted over the finish line! My final time, 1:42.17, is better than I ever imagined. My second half was nearly three minutes faster than the first half, which was good! I saved myself for the finish, just as I did in the Rock and Roll. Even though my time was a little over two minutes slower today, I felt stronger, and ran better. I am very proud. I worked very hard, and it showed. And I didn’t let a little hiccup (my hamstring) slow me down.

My stats:

I averaged a 7:36 minute mile

14/676 in my division (they give awards to the top 10, so I just missed it…by 2 minutes! A goal for next time…)

87/4336 women

I am not sure how I placed overall, something like 500/7500

So, now a month of rest, focusing on stretching out my tight muscles, before I start training for the next one.

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I hope I finish

Happy after-Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you all ate lots and spent time with loved ones; I did. 🙂

So, the race is the day after tomorrow. Yikes. My body is not 100%, unfortunately. I have been having hamstring issues since my run last Sunday in the frigid cold. I ran 8 miles on Thanksgiving, and had to stop several times to stretch. I thought I wasn’t even going to be able to finish the 8 miles, and I probably shoudln’t have. It started tightening up after the first two miles, as it did with every run this week. I was also walking with a noticeable limp last night. Add on top of that a cold that I am trying really hard to fight. My only symptoms are sneezing and feeling REALLY run down. I am tired.  Damn cold. Training this time has been considerably more difficult than training for the Rock and Roll. I guess that’s what I get for jumping in at week 4. My thirty-something body can’t handle it.

I went to yoga today and took it easy. It hurt to even stretch my hamstring. I felt off, too. Just really run down. Good night sleep tonight, vitamins, lots of food tomorrow, to bed early tomorrow night, and I hope I can finish the race.

After the race, I am going to (try really hard) take the month of December off from running and just focus on yoga. I need to loosen up my muscles. Everything is tight. If I even want to think about running a full marathon in late spring, I have got to get my body stretched out, and this seems like the best idea. I hope it works!

So, I probably won’t write before the race, so wish my luck! At this point, I am hoping to even finish…

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Arcticblastblizzardwindchillsnowstorm 2010

I thought I was being smart leaving work last night at 5 instead of at 5:30 so I coulmake yoga at 6:30. I got on 99. Smooth sailing. Hardly a car on the road. I thought, at this rate, I may even have time to walk the puppy before class. And then… disaster. Up ahead, traffic was being directed to exit. The Battery Street Tunnel was closed, and so was the Viaduct. Ugh. My first thought: I5. But after waiting in a line of non-moving cars for about 15 minutes, I opted to head down to the water to try Alaskan Way. It was cake getting down there, and not too bad for awhile, and then oh boy, it just stopped. I immediately made a phone call so Pablo would be well taken care of until I got home, whenever that would be. That relieved most of my stress. I sat on Alaskan Way forever. I made it Qwest Stadium, where I seemed at a forever-standstill. I looked up at the Viaduct and periodically saw a car drive by. I also heard on the radio that they had recently reopened the West Seattle Bridge, it had been de-iced and it was clear. I wanted to be on the bridge!! It was 8:00 at this point. I had left Greenlake three hours earlier. Normally, no traffic, it takes me 15 minutes to get home. I was nearing a meltdown. I had to pee. I was hungry, and I didn’t know what to do. I called my friend Dawn, and my BF, and before either of them confirmed or denied the opening of the viaduct, I took a risk and turned around. Seconds later, I hear on the radio, “The viaduct is still closed.” BASTARD! I still drove to Columbia anyway, just to see for myself…it was indeed, closed. (Meltdown begins here). In the middle of this meltdown, however, I was happy to have my new car, which drove perfectly in the mess. No sliding, I could drive over anything, and I felt safe and warm. I had my bluetooth for talking on the phone and for playing Pandora. I was really loving my car.

So, after the mini-meltdown (it really wasn’t that mini, actually), I headed to 4th Ave S. I wanted to get on I5 South to get on the clear West Seattle Bridge. During this detour, I was on the phone with the  sweet BF, who had the traffic pulled up on his computer. He was directing me based on the color of the traffic on the roads. Just hearing his voice, calmed me. I passed a Jack in the Box, and he told me  to turn around to get some food and to pee. I ate the food in seconds…I was starving. And I peed for a while, too (sorry). Then, back on the road. I felt like I was road tripping again! The BF directed me down a few streets, which were smooth sailing for a while, but then…stop. I was stopped for too long, before I heard once again on the radio how clear the West Seattle Bridge was. So, I flipped a bit$h for the umpteenth time and headed up Edgar Martinez Drive, and got on I5 South. Traffic was actually moving. It was slow, but it was moving. I let cars in front of me, and cars waved. Everyone was working together in the hell we were all trying to get out of. Once I was on the bridge, it was surreal. It was 9:45, 4 hours, 45 minutes since I left work. There were hardly any cars, except for the dozen or so abandoned to the right. The road was clear, and I was zooming right along. Then I come to Admiral. Admiral is no small hill, and it was covered with snow and sheets of ice. There was a bus stopped right in the middle, and the right side of the road was lined with abandoned cars. I wanted to help someone…take some people off the bus and get them to the top, but I was really tired, and didn’ t want to be a do-gooder badly enough, apparently. I got up the hill no problem…not one skid, slip, or anything even the slightest bit scary.

I pulled into my driveway at 10:00 to find huge branches fallen from trees. I opted to park my car on the street. I walked into the house with an awesome greeting from my puppy. I took him out to play in the snow for a bit (it was really cold and really windy), and then I hunkered down into bed to listen to branches falling on my house all night, praying a tree wouldn’t crush us.

I woke up this morning to the aftermath, called work and told them I was not leaving my house today. So, Pablo and I had a snow day!

We played in the snow for two hours. We went and got coffee, walked to the junction to see if yoga classes were being held today…they were! YAY! I was supposed to run 5 miles, but there was no way I was running on the ice.

We walked through the neighborhoods playing in the snow, meeting people, sharing our horrific commutes from last night, and people goo gooing over my handsome dog. Everyone was happy today. It was a beautiful day. 🙂

And a little video of my friend frollicking in the snow:

After yoga (which was one of the best classes I have had in a while), I gave Pablo a bath, washed all his bedding (he is preparing for Thanskgiving dinner) and did some chores around the house.

It was a perfect snow day, and I spent it with a perfect boy. 🙂

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I sure am glad I have my new car! I felt so safe driving to work this morning in the snow. 🙂

Pablo and I went for a walk this morning in the snow. He LOVES the snow. I had to coax him along, but told him we would play in it this evening.


I finished up week 11 of training yesterday, with the most challenging run yet. It was only 8 miles (funny how 8 miles seems short now, but seemed so long the first few weeks of training), but it was so cold and so windy. I opted to run AFTER the Seahawks game. I ran down at the beach and it was really windy. There were white caps and the wind was blowing sideways. I was uncomfortable. 😦 But, I finished it averaging right around an 8 minute mile, which was really good considering I had a head/side wind the majority of the run. My left hamstring started to tighten up pretty badly the last mile, and it is really sore today, too. I am pretty sure it’s from the cold.

Yoga Saturday was great. And I go again tonight…yay!

Less than a week until the race. I am ready for it to come and go. My body needs a rest.

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I just had a six day, stay-at-home, paid vacation (Baby H and his parents went to New Orleans). I was worried about finding things to fill my time. I had nothing to worry about. My days were slammed from the time I woke up until I went to bed. All good things…all things I chose to do. But, busy, nonetheless. Here is what I have been doing the past six days:

Sleep. I tried to catch up on sleep. I had some pretty good night sleeps, but I could have slept more.

Run. I finished up week 10 of training on Sunday. Week 10 was a BIG week of running. Wednesday: 6 miles, Thursday: 7 miles, Friday (I have been switching my Saturday runs for Fridays): 6 miles, Sunday: 12 miles, yesterday: 5 miles, and today: 5 miles. All runs were under 8 minute miles, and my 12 mile run I did in 93 minutes, 54 seconds. I am running faster than I was when I trained for the Rock and Roll, but my body doesn’t feel as good.

Yoga: Yoga Saturday morning (morning classes are always SO much more difficult), and yoga Monday afternoon.

Walks and play time with Pablo every day.

Movies (DVDs and in the theater)

Socializing and down time with cool people


Visit to friend and her new baby

And I saved the best for last:

Yesterday, after I visited my friend and her 4 week old baby boy, I had an appointment with an advisor in the Educational Psychology department at UW. It felt SO good to be back on campus! I LOVE being a student, and I LOVE that campus, too! The meeting went great. I am right on track to get my application in January 7 for Autumn 2011. I have some writing to do over the next month, and then I will take the GRE after I finish my prep course the end of December. My goal is to have everything DONE by December 31 so I can do some celebrating NYE. 🙂

Today was a day of relaxation. I was surprised with a day at the spa. I got a 90 minute massage, 60 minute facial, and a spa pedicure. I was there 4 hours, and it was AMAZING! I needed this in a bad way. Relaxation has not been part of my daily routine for quite some time, and it felt good to be pampered. Thank you again, You, for my amazing day. 🙂

Pablo had his last class tonight. He did awesome. At the end of class, he was able to play…off leash…without his muzzle! He has a new friend, Parker, a 4 year old HUGE golden retriever. The same golden retriever he did NOT like the first couple of classes. Parker tried mounting Pablo a couple of times tonight during play time. Pablo snapped at him with a quick bark, but it stopped at that. Then they continued to play. Parker’s owner and I are going to be getting our kids together regularly for walks and play times. Class was a success! I will enroll him in another class after the new year, too, and Jeff (the teacher) said Pablo might even be ready to take a regular basic obedience class soon, too! YAY! I wish I would have done this months ago…

So, my stay-cation is over, and back to work I go. I am excited to see Baby H and get back into my hectic routine. Thanksgiving is coming up (my second favorite Holiday after Halloween). The half marathon is a week and a half away. AND, I go to Mexico in less than three months!


This is a happiness blog!!

I must apologize: this is supposed to be my happiness blog. I want to share things in my life, which make me happy. So, no more lamenting…at least I will try not to. 😉

On that note, Pablo’s new schedule is working great. He gets two walks/day, and he is back in his crate and enjoying it. Things are looking up. All is good! 🙂

4 X 1 mile sprints last night. I tried not to run TOO fast. I ran each mile in about 7 minutes, with a 2 minute brisk walk in between.

6 mile run today…on the treadmill. I am going to take it easy. I have my longest training run, 12 miles, on Sunday, and I am trying to not run all out this week.

I am looking forward to yoga Friday…

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I got my yoga fix

Yoga last night was AMAZING. It felt SOOOOOO good! It was really hard, and hot, but just what I needed. I actually got some sleep last night, too! Pablo had THREE walks yesterday, and he slept in his crate last night, so I got a great uninterrupted night of sleep. Ahhhh…

We got up 30 mins early this morning. Pablo and I went for a walk bright and early…in the rain. (part of the new plan) It actually felt great to get some fresh air first thing. We’ll see how today goes.

Already my body feels so much better. I am addicted to yoga. Yup. I have trouble functioning without it. It is truly amazing.

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