Pouting Pablo

28 Oct

School last night was interesting. Pablo had to wear his muzzle the whole time, and he HATED it. Despised it. It squished his nose, and squinted his eyes. He was not a happy boy. It was frustrating for me because he wouldn’t move. All he did was sit in front of me, stare at me, and pout.


The good thing is that he didn’t even pay attention to the other dogs, so it was a big step for him to not be bothered by strange dogs, BUT he wouldn’t even really do the exercises (walking by dogs, sniffing dog butts). I had to literally drag him. Ugh.

He was very happy to get that thing off his face and get home. I reminded him that if he wasn’t such a jerk, he wouldn’t have to wear it. Maybe he understood?

5 mile run yesterday (on the treadmill…yuck), and 6 mile run today (on the treadmill…yuck). Big runs this weekend: 5 mile run Saturday, and 10 miles on Sunday! Probably in the rain, too…fabulous!

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Posted by on October 28, 2010 in Pablo, Running


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