15 Oct

My hips are feeling much better, thank goodness! I have tried holding back as much as possible while running this week, and I think it has helped. I also think my daily (sometimes twice/day) walks with Baby H and Pablo have helped loosen me up.

I had a 6 mile run last night, and it went very well. I was tired, and most of the run was in the dark, but the cool, crisp air felt awesome. I ran it in 47 minutes, so a 7.8 minute mile. And that was holding back! 🙂

I intended to get up at 5AM to go to yoga, but I didn’t sleep well. I woke up with a horrible stomach ache (we made fried macaroni and cheese balls for dinner last night, and I think I overdid it…they were so yummy!), so I decided I would go to yoga tonight instead. I feel pretty rested, so I am happy with my decision.

**I am really into ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) right now. Listening to “Time” album (there’s a song titled, “Julie Don’t Live Here”), and had to also get “Turn to Stone” (song) in addition**

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Posted by on October 15, 2010 in Children, Food/Restaurants, Music, Pablo, Running, Yoga


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