My poor hips

11 Oct

Ouch. I am now wondering if jumping in at week 4 of training was wise. My hips are SORE! I had no pain when I trained for the Rock and Roll. I eased into the training. Luckily, however, I have my own personal massage therapist to help with the pain whenever I need. :-)This coupled with yoga should keep me running…I hope!

I had an easy 3 mile run Saturday…in the rain, which actually felt really good. It was warm, so the rain was refreshing.

Yesterday, I lucked out and chose to run when it was beautiful! I ran down at the beach. 7 miles. Averaged 7:50 minute mile. Sat in the bath after until the water got cold.

I start week 6 of training this week. Track running tomorrow. Yoga tonight. I am thankful I am not running today. My hips are really looking forward to a hot room.

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Posted by on October 11, 2010 in Happiness, Running, Yoga


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