You are made of poop and stars

04 Oct

I have another injury that sidelined me. I was SOOO excited to go climbing Saturday, but as I was getting out of bed, I tweaked something in my neck/back/chest/shoulder…basically my whole right side, and I couldn’t move my head. I don’t really know how I did it or what exactly happened, but it was painful. I tried moving my head around to see if MAYBE I could still go climbing, but I couldn’t move my head to the right and I couldn’t put my head back at all. I was upset.

So, I tried to go for a run to see if once my body was warmed up, my muscles would relax. Nope. I couldn’t even run. I couldn’t pump my arm, and the pounding on the pavement was jostling my body.

I was extremely unhappy and mad at my body. Everyone said my body was telling me to rest, I say poop on that. Since I couldn’t climb, and I couldn’t run, I decided I’d try yoga. I wasn’t sure how much I could actually do, but I figured at least being in a hot room for 90 minutes would help.

Yoga was a completely different experience with a wounded body. I couldn’t put my head back at all, so all the floor postures were extremely difficult and painful. I actually did pretty well, however, and the heat definitely felt good.

Getting around for the rest of the day was a challenge, but I managed and actually started to feel better (a little massage and some ibuprofen helped).

When I woke up Sunday, I felt a little better. After watching the Seahawks get crushed (ouch), and having a nice brunch, I ventured out for a run, not knowing how long I would actually be able to run. I was supposed to run 8 miles, but I was thinking I would be happy with 5 or 6. Well…I went out easy, and was actually able to do 8! And, I kept it at an 8 minute mile. And, the best thing is, I think the run helped my injury, because the range of motion in my neck after my run was much, much better. After a bath and dinner, I settled in to watch Dexter. LOVE Dexter.

 Pablo’s a Seahawks fan, too!

**Be humble for you are made of dung. Be noble for you are made of stars.** -Serbian Proverb

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