Fall…or summer?

28 Sep

It’s almost October, and yesterday felt like the middle of summer. It was HOT. Not only was it nearly 80 degrees, but it was also humid. Sticky. Uncomfortable. Yet, I needed yoga, so I went. I was fully prepared for an incredibly hot room, which it most definitely was. I was dripping with sweat nearly immediately.

I had to take a couple of rests, but I still saw improvement in nearly all the postures again! My flexibility is returning rapidly. I have been running 4-5 days/week, so my hips are exceptionally tight, but I am seeing them open up a little more with each class I take. My traps are also loosening up, which feels awesome. Last night, I had my hands BELOW my nose in Eagle Pose!

Also, in Half Moon with Hands to Feet Pose, I bent (in all directions) the most I have yet. My legs are almost straight when I bend forward!

My body is needing yoga more and more these days: Baby H is over 20 pounds, I only outweigh Pablo by 30 pounds, and I continue to run 4-5 days/week. Winter is right around the corner (yet you wouldn’t know it by the weather this week) and I will add skiing to the list…oh, and climbing this weekend!! Yay! My climbing plans fell apart a couple of weekends ago due to bad weather, so I am really, really excited to get outside this weekend to do some climbing. 🙂

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Posted by on September 28, 2010 in Children, Climbing, Happiness, Outdoor fun, Pablo, Running, Skiing, Yoga


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