Notable improvement

24 Sep

Ahhh…yoga last night was amazing. I felt great! It was one of the best classes I have had yet. I felt really flexible, and saw improvement in nearly every posture. It was a completely different experience than Monday morning.

In Half Moon Pose, I felt more like Gumby than the stiff board I felt like on Monday:

In Awkward Pose, I was able to go down further than I have been able to yet, specifically in the second part when I was high on my toes (as seen by the woman in the picture):

In Eagle Pose, I ALMOST have my fingers below my nose (that’s the goal):

In Fixed Firm Pose, I was able to lay my head back on the floor. I still can’t get my shoulders down (it hurts my lower back too much still):  Up until last night, I was only able to go this far (don’t laugh, that’s BIKRAM!!)

Every other posture felt amazing, too. I felt uber-relaxed after class, and slept the best I have slept in a while. Not enough, but it was still a good sleep.

77 and sunshine tomorrow!!! Our last hurrah of summer. YAY!! 🙂

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Posted by on September 24, 2010 in Happiness, Yoga


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