Bikram is the best (for me)

09 Sep

So, my body was a mess yesterday. I could barely turn my head from side to side, and my traps were tight and painful. I was exhausted, and just wanted to go to sleep, but I knew 90 minutes of hot yoga would make me feel better. Boy, was I right.

My last class at I Love Hot Yoga last night was a Bikram class. It was intense, and I felt light-headed several times, but I made it through, and immediately my muscles felt better. It has been great venturing out and trying different yoga styles, but I realized my body likes Bikram the best. The Bikram style and postures stretch the muscles in a way by body needs. Prior to starting Bikram in January, I had chronic pain in my right neck/trap. Since starting Bikram, the pain had disappeared, and I was able to fully rotate my head to the right. I have noticed recently, however, since I stopped practicing Bikram regularly, the pain has returned, along with pain elsewhere in my back. The other styles of yoga I have been doing have been great strength builders, but they don’t take care of my pain. One class of Bikram last night, and my pain is gone. It is better than any massage. Better than any adjustment by a chiropractor. I also feel like I get the best workout after a Bikram class. Bikram is the best for my body.

So, I will start researching what other studios I can go to that offer more Bikram classes until I can afford to buy a package at my Bikram studio in West Seattle. I really miss being able to take a Bikram class whenever I need it. If only Bikram could help with the pain in my thumb (an old injury from my ski racing days is flaring up and causing me much pain and discomfort).

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Posted by on September 9, 2010 in Happiness, Yoga


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