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Need sleep

3 mile run yesterday AND yoga. And I still had trouble falling asleep last night. Too much on my mind. I am tired today. The End.

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Back in training

I keep on getting e-mails from the Seattle Marathon. Up until today, I hadn’t thought anything of them. But today, I realized the Seattle Marathon (and 1/2 marathon) is only two months away, AND…I want to run it! I know I said the next race I run will be a full marathon, but I am ready to run another race, and I am not quite prepared to train for a full marathon. I have been running consistently, so training for the half should be no problem. I normally do a 12 week training program, but there are only 8 weeks until the race, so I am jumping in at week 4. I am going to do it! I am really excited to start training again.

So, today, I jumped right into week 4 with hill training. I ran 5 long hills. I always use the same hill for my hill training. It takes me about 2:30 to run up each hill and about 2:20 to run down. It felt great. 🙂

It feels really good to have a goal to work toward again. I am not sure about my personal time goal yet. The Seattle Half Marathon is much more challenging than the Rock and Roll, both the course and the conditions (usually). Breaking 1:40.00 is a HUGE goal on this course. I think I would be happy breaking 1:45.00. I will check back in a couple of weeks to see where my speed is.

So, the race is 2 months from today. Thanksgiving weekend. It will be cold, gray, dark and rainy then. Yuck. But, I am super excited to be back in training. 🙂

And, since summer is now officially over, and we are into fall, it is time to think about school. I have already started the preliminary process for Grad school, AND Pablo goes back to school next month, too!

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Fall…or summer?

It’s almost October, and yesterday felt like the middle of summer. It was HOT. Not only was it nearly 80 degrees, but it was also humid. Sticky. Uncomfortable. Yet, I needed yoga, so I went. I was fully prepared for an incredibly hot room, which it most definitely was. I was dripping with sweat nearly immediately.

I had to take a couple of rests, but I still saw improvement in nearly all the postures again! My flexibility is returning rapidly. I have been running 4-5 days/week, so my hips are exceptionally tight, but I am seeing them open up a little more with each class I take. My traps are also loosening up, which feels awesome. Last night, I had my hands BELOW my nose in Eagle Pose!

Also, in Half Moon with Hands to Feet Pose, I bent (in all directions) the most I have yet. My legs are almost straight when I bend forward!

My body is needing yoga more and more these days: Baby H is over 20 pounds, I only outweigh Pablo by 30 pounds, and I continue to run 4-5 days/week. Winter is right around the corner (yet you wouldn’t know it by the weather this week) and I will add skiing to the list…oh, and climbing this weekend!! Yay! My climbing plans fell apart a couple of weekends ago due to bad weather, so I am really, really excited to get outside this weekend to do some climbing. 🙂

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Notable improvement

Ahhh…yoga last night was amazing. I felt great! It was one of the best classes I have had yet. I felt really flexible, and saw improvement in nearly every posture. It was a completely different experience than Monday morning.

In Half Moon Pose, I felt more like Gumby than the stiff board I felt like on Monday:

In Awkward Pose, I was able to go down further than I have been able to yet, specifically in the second part when I was high on my toes (as seen by the woman in the picture):

In Eagle Pose, I ALMOST have my fingers below my nose (that’s the goal):

In Fixed Firm Pose, I was able to lay my head back on the floor. I still can’t get my shoulders down (it hurts my lower back too much still):  Up until last night, I was only able to go this far (don’t laugh, that’s BIKRAM!!)

Every other posture felt amazing, too. I felt uber-relaxed after class, and slept the best I have slept in a while. Not enough, but it was still a good sleep.

77 and sunshine tomorrow!!! Our last hurrah of summer. YAY!! 🙂

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I love Pandora

6AM yoga class today. Ouch. My body was super tight, and not moving very well. 😦 My shoulders were already burning before I was even done with the first breathing exercise, and I felt like I was barely even in the pose in Half Moon Pose: I did NOT look like the woman in this picture. My body was not bending very well. I hurt.

I did start to feel a little better as the warmth of the room warmed my body up, but my lower back and shoulders were very, very sore. 😦

I need to go to yoga a lot this week. My body is feeling sore and stiff. I think part of it is Pablo’s fault. When I took him for a walk on Friday he saw some puppies who he wanted to play with. He bounced very fast, pulling me with him. I had to plant my feet to keep from getting pulled over, and the whole right side of my body was yanked. I definitely felt it Saturday, BUT I got a surprise massage, which helped SOOOO much.

I tried to get to yoga yesterday, but didn’t make it. I also wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, so I went for a great 5 mile run outside! I felt like I could have run forever. I had new shoes, and my new favorite Pandora running station, Crystal Method, played amazing songs. I was running with a smile on my face (even though the Seahawks lost).

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Remove that wind!

Yoga last night. Another intense class. Whoa. And man, my left hip is really, really, really tight. It hurts. 😦 I am hoping to see some improvement soon. I wanted to stay in Wind Removing Pose all night!

Wind removing pose…funny name. Makes you wonder why it’s called that, right? Well, it does just that, removes wind! “It helps in removing the toxic gas present in your body. It creates space for fresh air in the body to create maximum utilization of the bodily resources. This yoga pose improves the digestive system very well. It does real wonders to your stomach as the excess gas is being removed from the abdomen. The intestines also function better due to the removal of the gas. You can get rid of constipation by initiating this exercise in your life. The use of legs, hands and hips strengthens the hip muscles.

It is termed to be very useful for patients who suffer from sciatica and joint pains. It releases the muscles of the lower back creating an environment of relaxation for your body. The way this asana is performed it helps in massaging the colon. Any irritation with the bowel movement is also cleared while doing the asana properly.” There you go. Move over Metamucil, bring on Wind Removing Pose! 🙂

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This is how I am feeling today. Hopefully these smiles will make YOU smile, too. 🙂

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