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Yet another fun-filled summer weekend. There was a good mix of everything this weekend, and a weekend where plans just fell into place. This weekend consisted of: relaxing time on the lake with Pablo, time with quality people, time alone, and exercise. Climbing, to be exact.

Yes, I went climbing in this heat. It had been a couple of months since I went climbing, and an opportunity arose, and I jumped on it. We ventured out pretty early, and where we climbed was mostly in the shade, so the heat really wasn’t that bad. It was awesome. It felt SO good to climb outside. I also learned some new stuff! I learned how to clean the anchor (the top chains of the route where the rope goes through), and I learned how to rappel (lowering oneself down the rock, instead of having your partner lower you). I was nervous. My climbing partner went through the steps with me on the ground, before I tried up on the rock. Doing it up high after you’ve climbed a difficult route, is much different from doing it on the ground, but I did it. Luckily, my climbing partner was up on the ledge with me to help me.; he was also very patient. We climbed some multi-pitch routes, so instead of him belaying me from the ground, he belayed me from up top, so he could walk me through the steps. Next time, I am going to try myself on an easy route.

So, Pablo and I are over the heat. Done. The poor guy just wants to lie around, and I don’t have any desire to go to hot yoga, but I am craving yoga. Two more days of this. Wednesday is looking good. Wednesday…will be one year.

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