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Now, THAT is dedication

I was talking with someone last weekend who commended me on my dedication, and how inspiring I am,┬áwhich warmed my heart. ­čÖé┬áI have always been pretty dedicated. When I commit to something, I commit. It usually takes something pretty major for me to back out of something I have committed to. I absolutely proved my dedication this morning. I committed to a 6:30AM yoga class, and nothing was going to keep me from going, not even three measly hours of sleep.

I didn’t get home until after midnight last night, which put me in bed close to 1AM. And I got a nice wake-up call at 4AM from Pablo. He had to poop. This has become pretty regular (yes, he is regular). I need to poop-train him. 4AM is not working for me for him to poop. I have tried taking him for a short walk before bed to get his poop out, and that seems to give me a few extra hours, but last night I didn’t have time nor the energy. So, 4AM is when he had to poop. I drifted back to sleep for about 15 minutes before my alarm went off at 5:15AM. Ouch. But, I dragged my tired self out of bed and off to yoga I went. Actually, I didn’t feel too bad.

The warm room felt really good. I was expecting a high-energy, fast-moving, cardio class, but it was much more relaxing. It was semi-challenging, especially since the room was hot (it hovered around 100 degrees), and since most of the poses were new to me. Some of them were familiar to me because of the Vinyasa I was introduced to in CA a few months ago. But, I did feel like a beginner. And, I was extremely tight: my hips, my right shoulder, and my hamstrings. The 60 minute class felt very short, and weirdo that I am, when it ended I actually felt like I needed to go for a run or something. Now, however, I do not have the energy to do anything. I am beat.

I didn’t love the class, but I didn’t dislike it either. I will definitely go to another power hour class with a different instructor to change it up. Now, I just need to get through my day…

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