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Excited for new yoga, got old yoga instead

Oh, boy. I am sore. Really, really, really sore. I cannot remember the last time I was this sore…from my feet all the way to my head. Every limb, every section. Especially my abs. It was difficult to go about my day. It’s a good sore; there is no pain, fortunately. But, man, I am sore! And, my job requires lugging around a near 20 pound baby all day, and getting down on the floor with him, then standing up. Ooh, that was tough today. I did manage to take Baby H and Pablo for a walk, which was nice to get my legs moving. The boys liked it, too. And, it was really nice to see Baby H. I hadn’t seen him since Friday, and I missed my little man.

So, since I was so sore, I was really looking forward to going back to yoga and having another 90 minutes of relaxing stretching. What did I get tonight, however? A Bikram yoga class. Not what I was expecting at all, and not really what I wanted tonight. Each instructor at I Love Hot Yoga has their own curriculum, and when I signed up, I was told that some instructors follow the Bikram teaching. I thought maybe they would throw in some Bikram moves, but I wasn’t expecting a full Bikram class. That is what I got tonight. It was pretty intense. I didn’t NOT like it, I just would have preferred a less intense yoga class. On a positive note, I knew exactly what I was doing, and being the Bikram yoga snob I am (and I really realized it tonight), I didn’t follow the instructor exactly. She wasn’t as strict with her teaching, and in some of the postures, she seemed to have a laissez-faire attitude, which is so not Bikram. (uh, snobby snobberson here). But, I made it through class without feeling my soreness too much, and my mind did not wander once. I was totally focused and present, which was really nice. Throughout the day, the right side of my neck, which had been a major problem area of mine in the past (before I started practicing Bikram), was extremely painful, but now? No pain. Yup, Bikram rocks.

So, I will probably try to avoid this instructor for a while (unless I want to do Bikram), so I can experience the other instructors’ (hopefully more relaxing) styles. Next on the menu, Power yoga Friday morning. I am scared.

**I forgot to mention: as I was waiting for class, I noticed a girl walk by me who, on each of her calves, had the number three tattooed, so when looking at her calves, it reads, “3 3.” It looked very cool. Of course I had to ask her. She told me three is her favorite number, but it really doesn’t have any significant meaning other than she was born on the 3rd (like me!) of June (not like me), but it is 6/3 (both divisible by three, just like 9/3). I was a little bummed out because she actually seemed embarrassed about her tattoos, and she didn’t seem very excited when I showed her mine. Oh well. Also, I would have had number three again tonight, but I was finishing up a phone call, and someone else walked in and got number three before I had a chance to get off the phone. Threes EVERYWHERE!!!**

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