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The Universe is my friend

The weekend was perfect. Actually, it’s still going. I have a four day weekend, and don’t go back to work until Wednesday. I wanted to take some time to write here, though, since it’s been a while.

I had to say goodbye to the twins I have been caring for twice/week. They are moving back to Canada. It was very, very sad. 😦 Not only am I going to miss the little angels, but I also am going to miss their mom…very much. She and I became really good friends, and I am going to miss talking with her in person every week. She loaned me her non-judgemental ears for the past year, and I cannot thank her enough. We will stay in touch, and I am sure I will see them soon. 🙂

So, my 6 month unlimited membership at my yoga studio has expired. 😦 It’s crazy to think I have been practicing yoga for over 6 months. I actually bought a one month unlimited for $30 through Groupon, and was pretty excited about it, BUT, I failed to read the fine print, which I read today: for first time students only, or for students who have not been active for the past 6 months. I am neither. 😦 So, since I cannot afford a new membership at this time, I have done some research, and I am going to try some other types of yoga, just to change it up, and to take advantage of their new student specials. 🙂 First up? I Love Hot Yoga in Greenlake. They have a special: $30 for 10 classes. It is hot yoga, but it’s not Bikram Yoga. It’s Vinyasa. I am ready for the new challenge. Tomorrow evening will be my first class. I will start with I Love Hot Yoga, and see what I want to do after that. I might do some yoga studio hopping until I decide which style I like best.

The countdown is on. Nine days until it has been a year since I drank. I wanted to go at least a year and get through this extremely difficult time in my life. I haven’t really made a decision what I am going to do (drink or continue to not-drink), but any decision I do make, I am amazed I am going to make it a year. Wow. The clarity and inner-strength I have is just incredible, and it is very cool to have the universe working with me and completely on my side for, what I feel, the first time in my life. It’s quite amazing the positivity that is brought into your life when you make the right choices for yourself, and just let go and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

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