Hot summer days

26 Jul

On days like these, Pablo and I are extremely thankful and grateful to have access to a dock and water. We spent all weekend playing in the water. Pablo got a new big boy life jacket so he could go boating. 🙂 The life jacket also enabled him to do a little more swimming…he is getting used to it, I think?

I took the weekend off from any hard-core exercise. My body needed a rest. I also rediscovered my love of food. The past few months have been rough for me, and unfortunately, eating has not been a priority. It has been sad, actually. I love food and love to eat, but the thought of food recently has not made me happy. The effects were definitely showing, and packing some meat on my bones became a priority. So, in the past few days, my appetite miraculously started to return! THANK YOU!

I wonder if people do hot yoga in heat like this. It doesn’t sound very appealing, that’s for sure. Maybe I will try some early morning classes? IF I can get my butt to sleep early…

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Posted by on July 26, 2010 in Outdoor fun, Pablo, Yoga


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