Ice axe and crampons

05 Jul

I was driving to yoga tonight, and BAM, a wave of nausea rushed over me. It was really bad. I was thankful I was going to yoga because I knew yoga would help get rid of it, and it did. The thoughts about the nausea crept up periodically, but the sick feeling had vanished. Class tonight was actually excellent! I felt really, really good…and strong. Class was very small, which actually was kind of nice.

When class finished, I expected the sick feeling to return, but it didn’t…and it still hasn’t. I have some other feelings, but nausea is not one of them. The sick feeling happened for a reason. It was supposed to happen at that moment. It made me think of an extremely difficult decision I had to recently make, and it validated that decision. This isn’t the first time this sick feeling has happened recently, but the tough decision I made will help ease the nausea that my body just doesn’t have the energy for anymore.

Before yoga, I met with the people who I am climbing Mt. Adams with this weekend. We went over itinerary and what gear is needed. I am going to make a trip to REI to rent some gear (an ice axe? I will not be buying one of those, and crampons? sounds like t…), to buy some gear (a headlamp…I have always wanted my own headlamp), and I will also borrow some as well. I am excited…the weather is going to be perfect!! I also am a bit nervous. Will I reach the summit? Or will the altitude be too much? Will I stay hydrated enough? I really don’t know what to expect. No matter the outcome, it will be quite the experience, and I will have amazing photos to prove it. 🙂

This is the itinerary:

Friday, July 9th
  • Leave Seattle between 12-2pm, therefore avoiding rush hour traffic allowing ample time to arrive at Cold Springs CG.
  • Set up camp
  • Dinner
  • Gear check (demonstrate Ice Axe techniques)
  • Group gathering to go over final details
  • FYI- No advance permits or reservations are required.  We can handle this upon arrival at Cold Springs CG.
Saturday, July 10th
  • 5AM-Rise and Shine
  • 6AM-Leave Cold Springs CG/trailhead (approx 5500ft)
  • 10AM- Reach Lunch Counter (approx 9000ft), lunch and rest for an hour
  • 11AM- Depart Lunch Counter and begin climbing the stairs to the sky/steep step/breath section.
  • 1230-1PM- Reach False Summit (approx 11,500ft).  Take a breather before we tackle the last 800ft.
  • 2-230PM- SUMMIT MT.ADAMS (approx 12,300ft)
  • 5-7PM- Return to Cold Springs CG- celebratory toasting/dinner/spend night
Sunday, July 11
  • Pack/Clean up and drive home
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