Pablo, the conversation starter

02 Jul

Wow. I forget how dang cute Pablo is when I don’t see him for a couple of weeks. After I picked him up, we went for a LONG walk. As we were walking down the sidewalk, a little girl (about 3) was approaching us with her mom. I always make sure to have Pablo walk away from a child because, although he LOVES kids, and is very gentle, I never know how the parent is going to react. He is a big dog, and some people think he looks scary. Well, Pablo got around me and plopped down right in front of the little girl, rolled over on his back and froze. (This is what he does to all children he comes across. We didn’t teach him. He just started doing it a long time ago). The little girl bent down and rubbed his belly (exactly what Pablo wanted) while her mother smiled. When the little girl walked away, Pablo turned around and started following her…to a party. The little girl, and then Pablo, walked on the lawn where the party was. I didn’t even have time to apologize before Pablo plopped down, and everyone started walking over saying how cute he was and petting him. Pablo was in heaven. More kids came out, more people, and Pablo shared his belly and his kisses with all the nice people. THEN, Pablo got invited to stay at the party! We were offered bratwursts, and asked to stay. Pablo was a hit, and he was not planning on leaving. Pablo was eating it all up (the attention, not the bratwursts). Finally, it was time to go, but Pablo looked at me as if to say, “Come on, Mom. Two more minutes?” Okay. So, he got pet a bit more, and he gave out a few more kisses, before he finally got up off the grass so we could continue our walk.

Not much longer, we came across two boys with skateboards. As soon as they saw Pablo, they commented on how “bad-ass” he was, then asked if he skateboards. This was all Pablo needed to decide they were his new friends. He squeezed in between both of them, and walked with them for a while. We walked and talked for a little while before we parted ways.

Pablo made friends with about three more groups of people before we got home. Pablo, my adorable conversation starter, was pooped.

Tonight was the best date I have been on in a long time, and I will remember it always. He is now snoring loudly and comfortably by my side, and he has no idea the fun in store for him the rest of the weekend. Just you wait, buddy. 🙂

Oh, I should also mention how sleep training went with Baby H today. It went pretty well. He slept from 8:30-6:30 last night without making a peep all night. He went to sleep easily, too.

Nap 1: 8:30-9:15 (I didn’t put him down, but apparently he hardly made a fuss)

Nap 2: 11:15-12:00 He cried for 30 seconds, then babbled happily for about 15 minutes before he cried out once, then went to sleep. He woke up crying, then made some happy noises, so I went in and got him up. He seemed a bit tired for a while after, and I was thinking if I had left him, he may have put himself back to sleep. We’ll try next nap.

Nap 3: 2:30-4:00 He cried for 2 seconds, then babbled, and hummed happily, then cried for a few seconds, then hummed, then fussed, then put himself to sleep within 10 minutes. He woke up exactly after 45 minutes, and I left him. He cried and fussed for 4 minutes, then went back to sleep for 30 minutes. He woke up screaming after 30 minutes. I let him cry for about 5 minutes, but he was screaming pretty hard, so I went in to get him up. He was a little fussy, but after he ate, he was charming and all smiles. We had a lot of fun. He is such a cool baby. He loves to just hang out and smile at me. We did a lot of talking today; he is an excellent listener. He reminds me of what Pablo would be like if Pablo were human. Cute, full of personality and so much fun to hang out with.

I hope he stays on his schedule this weekend. I will find out Monday. I have Monday off, but am going in to work, and making OT just so I can check on his progress. 🙂

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