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Well, hello. It’s been a while…sorry. I haven’t felt much like writing this week. I haven’t really had much to write about, actually. It’s been a pretty standard week: running, yoga, play dates for Pablo, walking Pablo, walks with Baby H, dinners with friends, play time on the lake, lots of thinking, some good sleep, some not-so-good sleep, lots of eating, more thinking.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have done something really cool and active, and I am feeling like I really, really need to do something else very soon. I need a new project…a new goal. That’s what most of the thinking has been about. Hanging by the lake with Pablo has been nice and relaxing, but I need something to break it up. Oh, man…what’s next???

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Hot summer days

On days like these, Pablo and I are extremely thankful and grateful to have access to a dock and water. We spent all weekend playing in the water. Pablo got a new big boy life jacket so he could go boating. 🙂 The life jacket also enabled him to do a little more swimming…he is getting used to it, I think?

I took the weekend off from any hard-core exercise. My body needed a rest. I also rediscovered my love of food. The past few months have been rough for me, and unfortunately, eating has not been a priority. It has been sad, actually. I love food and love to eat, but the thought of food recently has not made me happy. The effects were definitely showing, and packing some meat on my bones became a priority. So, in the past few days, my appetite miraculously started to return! THANK YOU!

I wonder if people do hot yoga in heat like this. It doesn’t sound very appealing, that’s for sure. Maybe I will try some early morning classes? IF I can get my butt to sleep early…

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Time for a new book

Wow. Yoga was intense tonight. It was hot. I was tired. And I pushed myself harder than I think I ever have. I was also dehydrated, which resulted in cramps in my feet and calves. The instructor noticed this, and left the room, and came back with an electrolyte packet for me. I did not want to have the firemen come! It wasn’t that bad. More of a nuisance. I did have to rest a couple of times, but only for a short while. I felt like I kicked butt tonight in nearly all the poses. Even though I was cramping, tired, and really hot, I felt really, really good. 🙂

I finished Eat, Pray, Love today. Amazing. I was supposed to read this book at this exact point in my life. I gleaned so much useful information out of this wonderful book. I laughed out loud, I cried, and I found myself telling myself, “Are you kidding me? I totally relate to this, and that and this.” I was sad the book ended. 😦 I am now on a hunt for another great book. Any ideas?

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I got to say it was a good day

Today was a good day.

Walk with baby H. And, he slept most of the day, so I read a lot. I am in the last push of Eat, Pray, Love. Still loving it.

3 mile run.

After work, Pablo and I went over to a friend’s house on the lake and played in the water, and went paddleboarding. Well, my friend and I went paddleboarding while Pablo watched from the dock and attempted to get ON the board. Pablo also swam…a little…with encouragement. All day he ran up and down the dock staring at the water. You could tell he really, really wanted to get in, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. He waded in the water when he was off the dock and leaned really far forward trying to catch some bubbles in the water. Several times I thought he was going to go in. I even jumped in and tried to entice him in. After a while we decided to give him a little encouragement. There were two of us helping, and he eventually made it all the way in and swam for a couple of seconds. The look on his face was not one of happiness so we quickly got him out. Oh well. At least he was able to cool off. 🙂

After his dip, Pablo raced back and forth on the grass playing with his new Snugga Wubba, and wrestling. He was a very happy pooch, and did not go easily when it was time for us to leave. I had to remind him we’d be back…

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I love you, Pablo

What a whirlwind of a day. I needed yoga in a bad way. But I didn’t get yoga. I got a tease. I made it to class just fine, that wasn’t the problem.

Class got started about 10 minutes late. A student from the previous class was having some trouble. He was still lying on the floor (class had finished over 30 minutes prior), and he was cramping severely. He was extremely dehydrated, and yelling in pain. The instructor brought him water with electrolyte packets, and he managed to get part of the way out of the room. But, not even ten minutes into class, and he started yelling again pretty bad. So, Erika stopped class to tend to him. A woman turned to me and said, “Can’t you just teach class?” I said, “I don’t think so.” (The same woman had asked me in the locker room if I was the instructor). Minutes later the firemen came, and Erika eventually came in to tell us class was cancelled. Oh, man! I had just broke a sweat, and was really needing this class. Poop.

So, I drove home and went for a quick run instead…and then I ate. I actually had an appetite. It was really, really fun to eat. 🙂

It was very, very nice to come home to Pablo waiting for me. Now he’s snoring away next to me. I think he is snoring louder these days? Maybe it’s because he is still pooped out from the weekend? He had a fun-filled day today, too, which included a play date with his pug friend, Jefferson. 🙂 I am so excited for us to enjoy our summer together doing all of our favorite things.

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My grown up life

Wow. Wow. Wow. Another amazing weekend. And I got to share it with Pablo. I think Pablo had more fun than I did this weekend. And THAT is what made my weekend so amazing.

Pablo and I floated the Yakima River Saturday. I have never floated a river, and I have always wanted to, so we did it. I always envisioned I would float the river and drink beer, too, but I had water instead, which was just fine. (It’s 11 months today, by the way) I got Pablo his own inner tube and life jacket. He was a little freaked out at first, and I thought it was going to be a very long, unrelaxing day, but he eventually relaxed…after he climbed into my lap. 🙂 So, we floated the river in my tube, with him on my lap the whole way. Toward the end, he had his head resting on my shoulder and he was snoring. It was a little uncomfortable for me, and he was blocking most of my sun, but he was happy, so I was happy, too. 🙂 He was not lacking any attention by all the groups of people (and dogs) we floated by. It took us a little under 3 hours to float the river (stopped a couple times to do some cliff jumping).

After we floated the river, we all headed back to a friend’s cabin on the lake to spend the rest of our weekend. We were greeted by lots more people, two more dogs (little dogs about the same age as Pablo), and children, too. Pablo was in heaven!! We had a great dinner, which included fresh crab caught hours before by someone in our party. It was delicious! Pablo had some, too. 🙂 Pablo charmed everyone, and was so excited to be able to run down to the lake whenever he wanted, then come back up to the house, then back down to the lake. He had a long, busy, exciting, fun-filled day, and finally, around 10:00PM, he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and found the most inconvenient place (in the door way which leads from the kitchen to the outside area) to plop down to sleep and snore. Everyone who went in or out stopped to pet him, of course, but he was crashed out.

Pablo snored on the floor next to me all night, and in the morning, he had lots more outside time, barking at the jet skiers on the lake, chasing after sticks with the kids in the lake, and trying to play with a squirrel. A little while later, he hung out with two more dogs (bigger dogs) who at first, we weren’t sure if they all were going to get along, but with a little patience from all humans and dogs, they ended up enjoying each others’ company. 🙂

Pablo is now having post-vacation depression, or he is just extremely pooped out. I am thinking the latter.

Pablo and I had a perfect summer weekend getaway with amazing people and fun adventures. I am getting used to, and really enjoying, my new grown-up life. It suits me well. 🙂

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Life is good

I went to The Melting Pot last night for dinner! YUMMMMERS!! I have been wanting to go there FOREVER and I finally went. 🙂

Yoga Monday night. Class was amazing. My neck was really, really sore from the climb Saturday, from staring down at the snow for hours. It feels great now!

Short run today and yesterday.

Baby H is sleep trained, and doing fabulous.

I am blessed with amazingly wonderful people in my life.

I am healthy.

I am in the best shape of my life.

I also reconnected with an old friend with whom I used to ski race. 🙂

Life is good.